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August 2, 2019


PU Coating has also known as Polyurethane protective coating that usually found on much waterproof application. This is because PU is a thermosetting polymer which would not melt at hot temperature or crack on cold temperature. This allows it to have superior weather-resistant and able to serve for a long period of time.PU coating is easily applied on a different surface such as wood, tile, concrete, ceiling panel, wall, swimming pool, flooring, etc. PU coating is always compared with other similar protective coatings such as acrylic and epoxy. In general, PU has the extra advantage when applying on high traffic flooring because it has better movement absorption compare the other two application. An acrylic coat would be an alternative when a better UV protection is required and epoxy coat would be recommended if it's not constantly exposed to food chemical or heavy-duty flooring is required. Whichever coating you choose, you can never tell it easily since every polymer coating can come in different specification and functionality so the best solution is to consult with your coating specialist such as Aathaworld Sdn Bhd to choose your coating required.

Polyurethane Coating for flooring and roof
The most common application of polyurethane coating is the flooring. Polyurethane coating is performed very well on water-resistant and weather resistance. A common application such as concrete flooring and roof is always polyurethane coating due to its long term existing in the coating market and well known by many contractor and applicator. Polyurethane coating is easy to install and does not require extensive skill labor and able to complete within a few days. A common cleaning, grouting and cement repair would be enough to start the application. Polyurethane comes at a very fair price and its installation is rather easy for many applicators since it's so common and well known but it still not recommended for those home DIY usage since waterproof is important for a building or structure. Polyurethane coating will also reduce the usage of electricity for cooling down the building since polyurethane helps in lower heat transfer and maintaining the internal temperature. Polyurethane can also be used on basement flooring since moisture environment would not damage the polyurethane coating on the exception of damping. Polyurethane coating comes in many brand and specification on flooring and roof so it best to consult with your PU specialist such as Aathaworld to find the right PU coating for you.

Polyurethane Coating for wall and tile.
Polyurethane coating is also used for wall and tile application. Usually, the spray method is used for the structural wall application since it is faster and equal thickness. Polyurethane is a much more diversified waterproof coating for walls such as a basement car park, stairs interior or exterior, electric controller room, water reservoir area are very suitable for its application. Polyurethane is also famous to use on the tile. It provides extra layer protection for tile for any extra stain-resistant, water-resistant and ensures a longer service lifespan. Its thermosetting feature also helps to reduce temperature transfer and provide a glossy appearance at the same time. Polyurethane can also be used on wall precast product such as blockwork, brick and etc. To understand the full potential of polyurethane coating for your wall and tile please consult on your PU specialist Aathaworld for more technical info.

Polyurethane Coating for wood and countertop
For and wood and similar countertop a protective coating such as Polyurethane is very suitable. It coating stay for a very long time and does not collect dust and mold. Wood flooring or furniture can add polyurethane for extra protection like scratching and termite resistant. The protective coating is easy to apply and even is allowed to be DIY. Any wood cabinet or furniture is usually coated with polyurethane for extra durability. Constant repaint annually will ensure the wood product maintains its strength and not rotting. Other than wood product any vinyl or quartz countertop can also add in polyurethane coating for extra stain and chemical resistance. Since chemical might easily change the color of quart stone so extra layer protection will maintain the color of the countertop and reduce the risk of uncorrected mistake. Polyurethane coating is suitable for many other applications and you can consult from Aathaworld your PU specialist for more idea.