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April 6, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd can fabricate and supply customize furnitures, pergola and gazebo for residential and commercial, according to different material requirement by consumers. We are canopy, pergola and gazebo contractor covering Kuala Lumpur KL, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Submit your enquiry of gazebo and pergola today, so we can assist you from design, fabricate, supply and install at your premise.

Pergola is a kind of gazebo that extended from building, or built independently outside the premise. It is used either for decoration purpose or another area to rest and relax out there, it can be designed as either partial or full cover on top. Pergola contractor Malaysia normally supply and install at the client’s garden, as a sitting place for house owners to enjoy tea and read book there. Pergola can also be a sheltered walkway where it might also be known as passageway canopy, the setup helps user to block sunlight and rainwater when they want to go somewhere. Commercial building, industrial plant or even residential will commonly build this on the way from main entrance to another building block or specific entrance.

According to pergola supplier Malaysia, pergola used to be referred as bench chair with a roof covering, but nowadays the definition has changed into a more general structure where seats might not be there or there might not be a roof on top of those vertical pillars. Modern pergola design might have cross-beam where those strips might not able to fully cover so the people in the pergola will still receive sunlight and rainwater. Pergola specialist in Malaysia tends to combine landscape and hardscape with their pergola to enhance the overall appearance. For example, putting some plants on top of the pergola roof, building a fountain behind the pergola and some other impressive ideas.

Few other common places to see pergola or gazebo is the playground, condominium common area, office tower roof top leisure area. Additionally, gazebo supplier in Malaysia will also suggest to put on some plant that can climb onto the structure where these plants react and grow with the sunlight direction. Green tunnel is also a trendy architecture word that derived from different architectural tunnel designs, even fruit and vegetables can be planted on the gazebo walkway. Gazebo contractor Malaysia can fabricate structure in various pattern, including curved, rectangular, round, square and many more.

Gazebo is one of the oldest building type in the ancient, from Rome empire in Europe to China empire in Asia. Gazebo specialist in Malaysia is having a high popularity since few thousand years ago, because a good gazebo carpenter and contractor can create another impressive space, increase building overall value as well as achieving comfortable living standard. Traditional pergola made up by stone, wood or brick; but nowadays with better technology and higher design demand, customer wish to have more unique design and material. Therefore, gazebo specialist in Malaysia can now design and build modern gazebo with various material including vinyl, alumminium, fibreglass, polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The advantages of using these materials make it feasible to construct and have high popularity in the market, because it allows build fast, low cost, durable and lower maintenance.

Although there is still a lot of customer wish to have natural wood to be the pergola, but timber is getting more and more expensive due to decreased supply. Furthermore, wood pergola requires special coating to make sure it is termite-proof, resistant to weather and water. Pergola supplier in Malaysia also advise better to construct with other material unless budget allows, because wooden pergola requires maintenance and maintenance cost is higher than other materials. However, wood-based gazebo is actually good looking and offer better value since statiscally proven that timber will react positively to human’s health through the release of negative ion and oxygen when it is exposed to sunlight and air.

Gazebo supplier Malaysia can always fabricate other materials as per mentioned above, lower maintenance required and lesser replacement cost. Unlike wooden gazebo in which owners need to engage professional to do coating and stain periodically, in order to make them durable and stronger. For instance, fibreglass pergola is lightweight yet weather-resistant, humidity-resistant, UV-resistant and having high strength. Pergola contractor in Malaysia can also combine multiple material together, achieving wooden outlook, quality and feature.

Gazebo contractor in Malaysia can service request from garden, park and other public place where fountain, playground as well as city attraction point. A good design shall have the pergola coupled with the canopy and awesome landscape; at the same time, bench, shelter and proper match of plants shall also be there to ensure overall theme is perfect. Canopy is also one of the gazebo types where it acts as an important role as canopy contractor in Malaysia would able to construct a lightw