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Pipe Coating Specialist | Supplier & Contractor Malaysia

October 15, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is your preferred pipe coating system supplier and contractor Malaysia, from existing to new piping, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia. As a pipe coating service provider and applicator, we specialize in multiple types of pipeline such as concrete pipe, mild steel, stainless steel and many more. There are many areas in building, industrial plant or even infrastructure require proper coating system, to ensure the durability and safety level are being maximized.

There are several organic coatings can be used to protect pipeline against passive external corrosion, active corrosion protection such as cathodic protection is also being supplemented with the organic type. Depending on multiple aspects consideration, it will determine the selection of which coating system option will be used. Pipe coating supplier in Malaysia will normally take into account concerns such as compatibility with cathodic protection, operating temperature, soil characteristics, level of external stress need to withstand. Few properties that are important in the coating system, the first one should be defect-free protective coating shall be there within a time frame under the practical limitations including fluctuating temperatures. Coating should have certain tolerance level to deal with in service deterioration, field bending and convenient to handle during construction. Pipe coating supplier Malaysia understands properties of good coating system must meet numerous criteria in order to deliver the best performing pipes to customer.

Those benchmarks needed to be attended are including resistance against impact, penetration, cathodic disbondment, water absorption, soil stress, chemicals as well as damages caused during handling stage. Impact resistance is more or less similar to the hardwearing feature (include during handling process), it must have equipped with this because impact received from foreign objects could be very frequent and nearly unavoidable too. If impact resistance level is high for the coating, then the maintenance and replacement cost will be lower. Pipe coating supplier in Malaysia strongly emphasize on this point because when pipe has strong surface treatment, the tendency of breakage and leaking will be lower. Meaning to say, there is lesser chance to have a plant maintenance just to repair the pipe; since the maintenance of plant will cause the shutdown of manufacturing or fluid transportation, subsequently hike up the opportunity cost of generating revenue. After all, lower water absorption rate or resistance to water is also essential to plant owner because fluid internally will pass through at any point of time; need to make sure the fluid did not actually sip through the surface protection layer. Water is also a main cause to the corrosion, pipe coating supplier Malaysia knows it well and definitely will formulate at the lowest water absorption rate.