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Steel Structure Contractor Malaysia | Steel Platform

September 27, 2019

The steel structure is the usage of steel to construct a variety of shape of buildings. The steel structure approach is commonly used for building the world tallest and superb design building. It is usually constructed by welding all the connected steel such as beam, channel, angle. plate, etc to shape to the intended design and waterproof it if necessary. The steel structure approach is usually used to construct a high design requirement building because of its high rigidity and high load-bearing capacity. Some of those famous steel structure application are the China National Stadium, San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, France Eiffel Tower, Dubai Burj Khalifa and many more. Constructing a steel framework for a building is necessary for building a reinforced concrete structure. Like constructing a flyover bridge a lot of steel beam or steel rebar is required to construct the base of the bridge. Steel Structure can be a very good approach for building anything but must be careful when choosing for your project because the steel structure is always prompt to be rust and is just a matter of time. Like the France Eiffel Tower that require 60 tons of anti-rusting recoating every 7 seven years to prevent it from rusting. Good scheduled maintenance and preplanned is the key to keeping the steel structure last long so hiring professional steel structure contractor like the Aathaworld will keep your trouble at bay.

Steel structure component for reinforcing concrete
Steel and concrete are like the husband and wife in this world. They can be strong on their own but it is always best in performance when they are together. Together they are known as the reinforced concrete. Steel always has better rigidity and load-bearing capacity than cement but cement have better compressive strength and does not corrode. They are constantly formed together by using formwork where a steel structure is in place and the formwork or concrete mold is placed around it to shape as pillar, wall or other types. The most common material that used for the reinforced concrete is the steel rebar and wire mesh. Wiremesh is constantly used as the reinforced material for concrete foundation so that the installation can be fast and do not require welding on site. Steel rebar is commonly used as the base for special design because of its versatility that able to bend and shape to any steel cage and lock as a firm structure. The steel structure is widely used in precast concrete too for better lifespan and lesser crack. To know more of the steel structure component that can be used for the project you can inquire with your steel structure professional or Aathaworld for a full range of consulting serving.