Wall Crack Specialist Malaysia | Concrete Wall Repair Contractor

June 28, 2018

The wall we are referring here is concrete wall, in which this type of wall has formed majority of all walls in the world. In order for wall crack specialist in Malaysia to do diagnose the wall crack effectively, they need to have proper knowledge in concrete so that the repairing work can be carried out in a more efficient way. Concrete is also recognized as Portland cement, it is actually a construction material that comprised of coarse and fine aggregates after a proper bonding together and turn harden with cement paste (fluid cement). It will also include other additives such as lime to form lime-based cement binder, or calcium aluminate cement (also known as hydraulic cement). Of course, wall crack specialist Malaysia will normally able to fix all these and the following might not be applicable to some of the wall contractors because it is categorized into different type. Asphalt concrete that always with bitumen binder (a type of non-cementitious kind of concrete), this is being applied in road surfacing as well as polymer concrete that utilizes polymer in binding process.

Wall crack specialist in Malaysia understands that the aggregates that being blended with dry Portland cement as well as water is to form a slurry fluid so it can be poured in an easier way and making it easier to shape it into mould. Of course, there are more wall and floor slab that are being strengthen by adding in reinforced materials such as rebar, steel fibre in order to increase the tensile strength; the proper name for this kind of concrete is known as reinforced concrete. Wall crack specialist Malaysia has their own popularity because concrete-made wall and slab are important construction materials and it is the key to form the entire building. From small crack to major defects, it must be checked, identified and repaired so not further severe damages will happen that causes structural issues or impairment link to other neighboring structures.

Wall crack specialist in Malaysia always advise not to wait until the hairline crack turns into serious big issue, fix it while the crack is still yet to grow larger and affecting the areas connecting to it. The consequence is that owner will need to spend more cost, effort and time in order to successfully cure the affected area and root cause. The most common building owners to be seen are from residential side, where they willing to tolerate small cracks without notice more severe problems could happen if the tiny leakage or crack did not solve when they just happen. Wall crack specialist Malaysia will charge the least price when crack just occur, compared to latter stage. Most of the time, they are also capable to fix ceiling and slab besides the wall cracking.

Wall Crack Types and Cause

There are so many root cause to wall crack and different kinds of wall crack require various ways to fix it, of course the crack could happen at different area too such as roof slab, ceiling besides internal and external wall. Wall crack contractor in Malaysia has to fix the masonry wall crack as soon as possible, a horizontal crack at the roof that located at the highest floor (below the slab) will cause severe problem such as water leaking and structural damage since this topmost floor is one of the level that receives most exposure. The reason why there will be a horizontal crack is due to the change in ambient temperature which is subsequently cause the slab to go through alternate expansion and contraction. Wall crack contractor Malaysia claims that another cause making the crack is because of poor heat cover for roof, making the roof receives too much of direct sunlight exposure. Furthermore, the excessive deflection or any insufficient vertical load on top of the support to withstand slab uplift due to wide slab span will cause the crack too.

There are also other crack types including vertical crack at the junction for RCC Column, wall masonry, chemical reactions, preventive measures, extension building crack, foundation crack, compound wall crack, topmost storey’s horizontal crack, internal and external load-bearing wall structures crack, random crack in all kind of direction that happens on both internal and external walls, wall partition crack, other vertical crack as well as reinforced concrete roofing cracks. Wall crack contractor in Malaysia is also expert in all kind of cracks regardless the cracks happen at structural area or non-structural area, internal or external wall, slab, roof and many other areas.

Wall Crack Repair Method

First, need to use wire brush or other equivalent tool to clean up the crack gap in order to get rid of all loose grit, grease or dirt before vacuuming work to be done. Concrete is a combination of gravel, sand, water and cement. When the slurry’s water is having evaporation, the curing will make the wall or slab harden; but yet the curing process has made hairline crack to be happened because of concrete shrinkage during that process. According to wall crack contractor Malaysia, these types of cracks normally do not carry structural integrity threat yet but foreign objects such as water, radon gas, insects will have the chance to enter into the building.

Any minor crack can still sometime repair by own, through Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Three inches finishing nail can be tapped into the whole crack line, with twelve inches’ interval. Hydraulic cement is normally not as effective as we think because when it is being applied to slab or wall that may move a little bit every few years, the filled crack repair patching materials will need to hack and redo. Wall crack contractor in Malaysia normally will apply some materials that are more effective such as the two-part epoxy crack sealer by tool (scrap board, clean putty knife). Before putting on the materials to the crack, usually need to use the blow-dryer to dry the damp crack. Without a doubt, the materials application should always depend on how serious the crack, wha