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Wood Finishing and Painting | Timber Coating Supplier Malaysia

December 16, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to supply timber coating that can be used for carpentry works, cover KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. Timber is a natural material that requires application of these protective coatings in order for them to last in both indoor and outdoor environments. For instance, some furniture might be used at area that possibly exposed to various adverse weather such as high ultra-violet (UV) and raining. Coating enables the timber to be waterproofed, anti-termite, chemical resistant, resistant against sunlight, polished-feel as well as enhancement in the durability. Timber coating supplier in Malaysia is able to supply multiple range in wooden paint, for various timber application. Timber finishing is referring to the overall refining process and wooden surface protection, to achieve also some other purposes too. Rule of thumb in the timber polishing industry or furniture manufacturing sector, the coating of such materials will carry about average five to less than thirty percent in term of total production costs. Finishes are important to many production of building materials, and in this case the wooden works. Although finishing is a final step to production flow, but wooden coating supplier Malaysia claims that it is one of the most important steps that will enhance the value of the timber product because of its boosted properties.

Carpenter always wish to get some reputable brands from these timber chemical specialist, besides enhancing the desired economic value of these furniture, it helps too in many other aspects. It can assist in resistance towards to moisture, environmental agents, insect-resistant and more. In addition, timber coating supplier in Malaysia mentions that those finishing surface will able to make the wood cleaning much easier compared to others that are not treated. It can also help in sanitization, pores-sealing that might breed bacteria. Pores are those holes that if no sealing materials to be filled, it will be prone to growth of fungus due to water has the place to rest on. Of course, wood can have other usages such as flooring hardness, musical instrument and so forth. Another common selling point by wood coating supplier Malaysia is that good timber finishing material can enhance the wood that has minimal value to gain more value, from double, triple to any multiple times in compared to its original organic value. However, it is also subjecting to the applicator, wood species, wood supply and the demand. Carpenter always pay high attention on all these because it will improve the margin and salability of their hard-made products.