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Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to provide aluminium design, aluminium fabrication, aluminium door, aluminium frame, aluminium glass window supply, its aluminium door and aluminium window install, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. We aim to be leading aluminium fabricator, aluminium supplier and aluminium contractor in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of aluminium supply and installation in Malaysia.

Aluminium Glass Frame Contractor Malaysia

Advantages of Aluminium

Without a doubt, aluminium has been a very important building material that existed for decades, people widely use it for wide range of construction and industrial purpose. The reason why aluminium has been one of the preferred building materials is because it has too many advantages in which contractors in the market falling in love with it. With technology advancement nowadays, aluminium contractor in Malaysia can fabricate the aluminium at a very competitive price. Cost is always a big factor to many developers and owners when it comes to the selection of construction products, while aluminium gonna be a key contributor to bring down the overall project cost. However, it was not the case when aluminium yet to be commercialized and widely applied in the industries such as construction, industrial, architectural façade and many more. According to aluminium contractor Malaysia, aluminium is originally a non-ferrous metals extracted from bauxite and at the same time, can be presented in other different forms such as silicates, sulphates, oxides and phosphates.

There are few features of aluminium that makes it highly suitable to be used as construction materials, its properties including the air tightness, low maintenance cost, sound proof, corrosion resistance, high reflectivity, relatively high in scrap value, appealing outlook, easy to assembly, fabrication and installation, cryogenics and low cost in term of handling and transportation. Although many other building materials are having some and similar advantages, but the light-weight aluminium has all these characteristics that attract the attention of the industry users to specify, custom make and install into their projects. Aluminium contractor in Malaysia always discuss with architect, designer, developer, project owner to make sure their requirement can be met. These parties required to pay high attention whenever specifying materials onto the building, especially involving safety issue that brings in Civil and Structural (C&S) engineering consultant. Aluminium can be used in both structural and non-structural application, it is highly flexible. Pre-specification, construction and post-completion period, aluminium contractor Malaysia does able to service from head to tail for the sake of appropriate work done and its quality can be achieved.

Aluminium Tube Contractor Malaysia

First of all, the aluminium can be fabricated and installed as a frame where those windows and doors made by frame can be air tight. Water, dust to air cannot slip through when doors and windows are closed. This is important to many building types, such as hospital or rooms with complete air-conditioning where theaters and seminar rooms are very good examples.Aluminium contractor in Malaysia will need to do the installation properly too, besides the measurement during fabrication must be done accurately so minimal or zero discrepancy is there. Air tight does not mean to compromise on ventilation, there are other parts of the building will provide either natural or mechanical ventilation that circulate fresh air in the building. Air tight is important because of waterproofing, cleanliness and temperature loss factors. Aluminium contractor Malaysia encourages aluminium material to be used in building that wants to achieve cost saving in structural design, because of its strength to weight ratio. Aluminium’s nature has relatively high strength value but yet its proportion of weight does not accelerate according to its strength. Unlike steel, steel is strong but it is heavier in weight regardless of stainless steel, mild steel or any other categories. Since aluminium has lightweight feature, it is also easier to be constructed, uses lesser time to build it, foundation load bearing requirement lesser as well as logistics cost also lower if huge quantities required to be sent.

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Aluminium contractor in Malaysia claims that the commercialization of aluminium building material has helped them a lot in the fabrication and assembly. Comparing to other metals, it can be