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Aluminium Composite Panel Malaysia

Aluminium is actually an element within the chemical range, symbolizer of this element are atomic number 13th and AI. Its natural properties are non-magnetic, silvery-white, ductible and soft. Aathaworld is your preferred aluminium supplier in Malaysia, covering Klang Valley and other states of the country with the inclusion of sectors from residential, commercial, industrial, facade to other functional purposes. Aluminium is actually a very lightweight metal that originally presented in a silvery-white while it is malleable as well as very soft. In addition to producing as building materials, aluminium is widely applied in other manufacturing of various kinds of products such as refrigerator, kitchen utensil, rolled aluminium product, heat sink for cooling CPU, solar panel, graphic processor, foil, can, beer kegs, aeroplane and motor vehicle spare parts. Among the crusts on the earth, aluminium is the most abundant metal. It is known as bauxite, and can be found with the aluminium oxide form in an ore. Bauxite and alumina are two key raw materials input of processing aluminium, alumina’s electrolysis will make the extraction possible from alumina origin to genuine aluminium. Aluminium supplier Malaysia claims that this material has its own very unique points such as low level of density and corrosion-resistant by having through the passivation phenomena. Alloy and aluminium are core in the aerospace manufacturing sector because of its lightweight yet robust features. Since it can be applied into the aviation industry, it is without any doubt can be used in the transportation field. Many vehicle parts are actually manufactured by aluminium and in fact studies show that about 16% of total weight in the car are aluminium. The 16% is approximately weighing at 256kg out of 1617kg (total weight of average car). According to historical data, more than a hundred year ago aluminium was the key input to manufacture vehicles and the first aluminium car engine was created around the year of 1900. One of the main reasons why cars should be made of aluminium material is because a lighter body allows fuel saving and efficiency, at least as compared to steel as material.

Aluminium Ceiling Panel Malaysia