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There are so many architects and interior designers in the market, how to source and pick the most appropriate one is sometime a challenging task to many consumers. From a big development project from a listed developer company, to a bungalow construction project on an empty land; to the extend where renovation or building extension, modification work is required. Architect in Malaysia covers most of these scopes as well as other building projects, such as industrial plant, high-rise, mixed development, park, signature building, façade, factory, commercial shop lot to others. Many of them will take up projects that involve design, design and build, project management or coordination, to make sure those specified in the drawing is supplied and installed properly. There is an industry common acknowledgement to architect Malaysia, saying that architecture is the soul of the building regardless of which kind, where is the city as well as other aspects.

Architect Malaysia

Architecture and Architect

Architecture involves processes where planning, design and construction work of any structures and buildings. Its coverage might also include symbolic form, historical civilization, architectural façade, practical building and any form of objects. The word is actually derived from latin word, known as “Architectura”, consisting of physical structures, non-building structure (such as art and science), methodology of building construction, integrated structural form as well as other activities ranges from macro-level to micro-level such as landscape, urban, town development, furniture, construction details. Architect in Malaysia must equipped with high level of exposure of diverse types of building, design, project types so that they can advise client with appropriate input of technical know-how as wel