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Bituminous for Road Construction Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd, a bituminous supplier Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. We make every effort to offer best bituminous material supply in Malaysia, as a bituminous supplier in Malaysia that has wide range of bituminous products including tack coat, prime coat and cold mix. Besides supplying, we are also able to do application for your requirement. The following are some of the introduction bituminous supplier in Malaysia.

Bitumen Drum Supplier Malaysia

Asphalt is commonly called as bitumen or bituminous (in some countries, they also address it as “Tar”) where it is a dark, gluey, semi-solid petroleum foam and viscous liquid material. It can be discovered from a refining product, natural deposit and often categorized as a pitch. This term was originally derived from a word before 20th century, an ancient greek term. Bituminous supplier in Malaysia uses almost eighty percent of bitumen in constructing the road, with the mixtures of aggregates particles using binder or glue in order to form asphalt concrete. Besides that, this material is also heavily applied by the industry players in waterproofing product formula. The bituminous element that being added into waterproofing can enhance the feature of waterproofing material overall.

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Therefore, bituminous supplier Malaysia also supply to roofing material manufacturer to put them on roofing felt as well as flat roof sealing; where it can act as similar function as the prior. Commonly to see that bitumen producer to supply three of the bituminous materials inclusive of bituminous tack coat, bituminous prime coat and bituminous cold mix that basically can service most of the users. The introduction and details of these bituminous coating materials will be explained further in below, where each of them has their own characteristics that nothing among them can be replaced and taken as a higher positioned premium product.

Bituminous Tack Coat Supplier Malaysia

Bituminous Tack Coat

Bituminous tack coat supplier in Malaysia able to supply this kind of thin coat formed by bituminous liquid asphalt, its main purpose is to create hot-mix asphalt overlay and existing pavement surface bonding. Tack coat is important since when the non-bonding of two layers, tack coat is going to perform as multiple layers which they are independent; especially the anticipated traffic cannot be coped with the capability of layers. Pavement life may be reduced dramatically when cracks happen, as a result from a bonding that happens to be inadequate. Bituminous tack coat supplier Malaysia always advise to apply the surface with adequate tack coat, since non-homogeneous tack coat application will cause bonding failed to occur uniformly. Of course, over applied of tack coat will also cause the lubricated slippage among the layers.

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Additionally, the equipment applying the tack coat should be in well working condition to reduce the chances where application caused by mechanical error. Bituminous tack coat supplier in Malaysia will train and make sure the application done by contractor will have equal pattern for the nozzle, as well as the pressure and height of spraying equipment (spray bar) stay consistent during the installation. In addition, before the base is being applied, the surface must be cleaned up so that debris would not be existed. Any dirt or dust will cause the bonding to be reduced dramatically and uniformity is not there. Bituminous tack coat supplier Malaysia will strongly encourage the applicator to leave some time tolerance to let the drying and curing happen before any foot or heavy traffic on it, safety is always the first concern to tar road. The higher the tack layer viscosity, the better the structural shear strength, where slow-set and diluted emulsion are forming most of the tack coat style