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Car Park Floor Coating Supplier Malaysia

Aathaworld is your preferred car park flooring system supplier and contractor, cover KL Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Car park floor requires seamless, functional, excellent resistance against abrasion, in addition to anti-slip, hard-wearing and appealing. This surface performance has such a high requirement because the floor is occupied by heavy vehicles at almost every day, both dynamic and static loads. For instance, car park might have lorry running around that carries heavy items, despite there are loading bays and therefore car park floor contractor in Malaysia must incorporate these load stress into their proposal. The design and appearance of a car park plays an important role in defining your customers' first impression towards your building. A quality flooring finish creates more than just the perfect car park experience for the visitors, it creates the best reputation and benefits for owner’ properties and developments too.

Car Park Floor Contractor Malaysia

As a car park floor contractor Malaysia, we can supply and install car park flooring systems that are suitable to be used in various areas of your car park, including internal & external areas, ramps, corridors, line markings and so on. We are able to combine durability and design flexibility with its wide range of colours, while keeping customer’ budgets in mind. We are carefully designed & formulated to achieve requirements of the typical conditions in a car park. Car park floor contractor in Malaysia like us has many features, it is also able to benefit customer, their asset and property in many different ways. Our systems do not only reduce the long-term maintenance cost, but it also provides many other benefits to customer and customer’s asset that cannot be measured through monetary value. This includes giving the perfect car park experience for visitors, which improves customer’s reputation and increases the value for customer’ assets & development. If any customer is wondering if it is worth the additional investment to brighten up the car park with a high performance flooring system, as a car park floor contractor Malaysia, we will assure you that our systems will be worth every cent. We can design, customize and install system that can meet your requirement.

Car Park Flooring Contractor Malaysia

Floor system of ours can achieve features such as chemical resistant and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). VOC is actually organic chemical that might have very high level of vapour pressure at ordinary room temperature, car park flooring contractor in Malaysia is able to produce very low VOC flooring systems as nowadays, the green and environmentally-friendly are so important. Chemical resistant is important because sometime visitors might just spill off some engine oil, drinks as well as other kind of acidic and alkali chemicals. It might also cover water, where highly waterproofed basement is important for building that has high chance to receive frequent water attack. Car park flooring contractor Malaysia supplies also mechanical resistant flooring system because some building such as factory, the warehouse can possibly be used as car park too. In addition to withstand lorry, crane, heavy duty vehicle and others; workshop tools and equipment might also sometime damage the floor. For instance, a hammer drops on to the floor of the warehouse. Crack-bridging is also important feature to many car park floor, this is the one car park flooring contractor in Malaysia can normally produce and assist. Moreover, some of the car parks might be outdoor and UV resistant (Ultra-violent) are required. At the same time, specialist also need to ensure they can make slip resistant, moisture tolerant, wide range of colours, water based instead of solvent based.

Outdoor Car Park Floor Specialist Malaysia

Regardless if the car park is newly built or has an existing flooring system installed, substrates are the basis of a floor. Thorough car park flooring contractor Malaysia inspection and assessment should be done in order to determine the appropriate method of substrate preparation prior to the installation of a flooring system. We highly recommend that the following properties to be measured across the floor & in all parts of the proposed installation to confirm the suitability of the substrate. The substrate should have a compressive strength of minimum of 25 MPa. Higher strengths may be required, depending on the amount of loads that your substrate will take, as suggested by car park flooring contractor in Malaysia. The substrate should have a pull-off strength of minimum of 1.5 MPa. Any inadequate areas or cement laitance with low strengths in the top few millimeters must be removed. The advisable moisture content of the substrate is max. 4%. For ar