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Carpet Supplier Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a carpet specialist, a carpet supplier and carpet contractor Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. We strive to offer quality carpet supply and carpet installation in Malaysia, as a leading carpet supplier and carpet contractor in Malaysia. Today we would like to share why as a carpet contractor in Malaysia, we always recommend you to use carpet flooring (from carpet tile to carpet roll) for your industrial, commercial and residential buildings. In addition, carpet can also be applied for both permanent and temporary usage. A very good temporary usage will be exhibition, event and ceremony while permanent installation will have life expectancy more than few years or decade (in some cases, good quality carpet with proper maintenance and well caring may last for few decades). As a carpet supplier in Malaysia, we will introduce in details the advantages of carpet and the rationale of using carpet, the popularity is definitely supported by strong and valid features in which other flooring materials cannot offer to owners. From its superiority to low cost maintenance and replacement, carpet has too many good points to encourage designer, owner, developer, contractor to go for this flooring choice.

Office Carpet Supplier Malaysia

Flexible Flooring Options

The carpet supplier Malaysia typically is having wide range of carpet choices where all kind of users can choose from the comprehensive carpet collection stored by the supplier. Some of the varieties kept by the carpet provider including retail usage, hotel, office, condominium, exhibition and showroom. The carpet difference normally presented in different specification including thickness, density, finishing layer, size, colour and touch feel. For instance, carpet supplier in Malaysia will suggest to use red carpet on the entrance floor for any ceremony and important events in order to show the luxurious look, emphasizing the importance of attendees. Red colour plays an essential role in capturing human’s eyes naturally, that is why road sign or traffic light uses red colour to get attention from the public, from showing danger to highlight the criticalness. In hotel flooring, carpet supplier Malaysia does also suggest to apply red carpet at the lobby and entrance for the same reason.

Hotel Carpet Supplier Malaysia

Furthermore, it is aesthetics to match the furniture, wall colour, room theme and other decoration styles of the building. Its versatility is superior to many other floor covering choices, it allows the unlimited combinations pattern, colour, size, style and texture in order achieve the ideal designs. Carpet supplier in Malaysia has the proficiency to advise customer on how to create the required impression, through the briefing of general concept conveyed by customer. From modern feel to classic ordinary design, the arrangements have infinity mixture and sky is always not a limit too. Some bungalows happen to use a lot of carpet in the rooms, from living room, dining room to study room because carpet can also provide the luxury presence.

Office Carpet Supplier Malaysia

User Friendly

Putting aside the appearance of carpet, carpet contractor in Malaysia does also claim that carpet is installation-friendly as compared to many other flooring adoptions. From carpet tile installation in which it requires only few simple steps such as floor leveling, installation and excessive alignment; to carpet roll that needs more skills inclusive of underlayment installation and the levelling is equally important. However, there is one product known as “self-leveling cement” where most of the carpet contractor Malaysia will use in order to achieve perfect leveling without the concern of experienced labour is required in the floor leveling activities.

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