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Acoustical Drywall Ceiling Malaysia

Ceilings are one of the most common things to be replaced when a shopping mall or hotel room require an upgrade or any space or room that requires an aesthetic view. Unlike decades ago, Malaysia ceiling contractor only uses ceiling board to separate the roof from the internal room or space. However. the era has changed from mere separation to a much more useful thing like air filtration, negative ion removal, energy saving, aesthetic view, acoustic and as well as a cover to hide all the wiring, piping, ducting, structural damage and etc. So there are hundreds of ceiling available in Malaysia and each has its own benefit and suitability either is for household, office, factory or warehouse. The owner will always face selections issue when come to choose on ceiling product and also the ceiling contractor of Malaysia. Commonly partition contractor can do well in ceiling job because both might use the same ceiling and same finishes. There might be only some slight difference in the installation method (although the actual fact is partition has a shorter time and simpler effort in building it up) but the result would be quite similar and the result would be equally good. Ceiling contractor Malaysia also a partition specialist since these two components in the building are interrelated. The connection of partition with concrete slab is name joint and it should be handled with care because this is to make sure the joint is watertight and also able to block any kind of foreign substances to slip through.

Gypsum Board Ceiling Malaysia