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Challenges in Sustainable Circular Economy and Green Materials

Green Materials Malaysia

Circular Economy is expensive, we are yet to verify that, but in a definite perspective, future generations and nations of the world will pay more painful efforts, costs as well as other harmful conversion methods and longer duration to do the reversing. Mindset is also a challenge because humans have been doing certain ways to conduct their economic activities from extraction, harvesting, producing, consuming, and disposing of resources. In Japan, zero waste is also called among the younger generation for circular economy and they started to implement self-disciplines and concepts from early schooling to enforce the seed growing within their mental to make use of the children’s absorbability for good sake. Remuneration and incentive are other alternatives to put sustainability onto the table of execution, but many experts doubt the lifespan of these financial strategies to kick start while maintaining the efforts of merchants and consumers in such subjects. Packaging is critical in the supply chain, from raw material, work-in-progress (WIP) goods to finished products. For instance, the disposal of each state's waste will be a headache to the environment if there is no proper control, recycling, and attainable level of conveniences to offer for collection vendors who can assist to resell or reuse afterward.