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Composite Wood & Application

Wood Decking Malaysia

Composite wood has gained its competitive market share throughout the past decades as more and more users have started to accept it compared to using hardwood or softwood. The reason as prioritized to make everyone likes to use composite as an alternative is that if real solid timber will be to use, many challenges could happen since there are so many species of wood that are not in line with the demand coping. When technology advances in terms of tree harvesting, as well as modified conditions for trees to grow faster to meet the supplier for processing into end product to the customer, wood as a building material, has returned back as an aesthetic option for many designers when they put into the specification of either mass housing, individual bungalow to high rise projects as an interior. Furthermore, it should be also understood that timber has a longer supply chain lead time and effort to involve due to its complicated demands. For instance, certain species of timber needs to be imported from some countries that did not provide the local supply cost advantage as compared to composite wood that can be manufactured anywhere (just a matter of economies of scale to achieve cost-benefit).

Wood Coating Malaysia