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Composite Wood Flooring Malaysia | Supplier & Contractor

Composite Wood Flooring Supplier Malaysia

Composite wood is actually made by from wide variety of materials, but it always contains the homogenous timber materials in order to strengthen their capacity as well as prolong the durability. Another name for this kind of building material is addressed as engineered wood, therefore it will be called composite wood flooring when it is processed and being utilized as floor material. Composite wood flooring Malaysia usually includes raw material such as plastic, straw and wood. The fibers and particles in wood raw material will be extracted out and bond them together with adhesives. Composite wood flooring supplier in Malaysia will normally put on another veneer layer on top of the surface so the composite wood can display in a more attractive appearance. Composite wood can be applied to flooring because of its strength and appealing outlook, it can also be customized into sheathing, siding, furniture, cabinets and gazebo. It is also less expensive than actual hardwood, besides the advantages such as weather-resistant after proper coating applied on the body.

Composite Wood Flooring Contractor Malaysia

Composite wood flooring supplier Malaysia commonly address this material as wood-plastic composite (WPC) where they are actually produced by using the raw material such as PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), PLA (Polylactic acid); of course beside those thermoplastic, also include wood flour and wood fiber. WPC contains also another several types of materials such as inorganic filler, lingo-cellulosic or either one of these. According to composite wood flooring supplier in Malaysia, those building materials that do not have cellulose-based fiber fillers will fall under a smaller category of components known as natural fiber plastic composite (NFPC); this su