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Electrical Engineering Contractor Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd provides mechanical and electrical machineries maintenance work for plant & machinery, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, Johor and other states of Malaysia. We aim to be leading electrical contractor in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of factory electrical work and machinery service in Malaysia. Electrical machinery or production line in factory require regular check-and-repair work to ensure stable efficiency is maximized, these include the plant manufacturing system functionality testing, factory’s equipment, power and ordinary tests for electric motor, electric pump, compressor, welding tool, electrical valve, control panel and other machineries maintenance. Enquire us today for your factory electrical maintenance work contractor in Malaysia, from building to mechanical, electrical to machinery maintenance, repair, overhaul, assembly and upgrading services.

Power Plant Contractor Malaysia

Electrical Engineering

It is a professional engineering discipline that offers basically involve three main categories and these include electricity, electronic as well as electromagnetism. Upon the commercialization of electric power distribution, telephone use and electric telegraph in the nineteenth-century, these fields created a lot of identifiable jobs. According to the pioneer of electrical engineering contractor Malaysia, two wholly new industries rose up and have penetrated into human’s daily life in which they are known as recording media and broadcasting. Subsequently to that, there are more and more inventors took part of this field; few of the great development that help in our daily life are those electronic components such as transistor and integrated circuit that reduce every household electrical appliance’s cost dramatically. Supplementing to the previous statement, examples of electrical appliance that have better consumer price are including television, radio, refrigerator, computer and even the phone in the later stage. From the perspective of industrial sectors, the advancement of electrical, electronic and electromagnetism have brought up the arising of electrical engineering contractor in Malaysia.

Industrial Electrical Engineering Malaysia

Industrial engineering has a wide range of sub-disciplines and can cover from microelectronics, signal processing, telecommunication, computer, instrumentation, electro-optical, electronic, power and control engineering. Definitely we are unable to cover every aspect of these disciplines and two of the important one will be explained as per the following, these are power engineering and control engineering. Electrical engineering contractor Malaysia is proficient in power engineering in which it is mostly dealing with device design, power generation, transmission and electricity distribution. Although not all are familiar in every each of them, but generally speaking, those are essential elements to be mastered in this electrical engineering specialty. For instance, whenever the contractor goes and service a power plant, they must have reasonable understanding and knowledge in several aspects of the maintenance. Electrical engineering contractor in Malaysia who specialize in transformer shall familiar with the distribution design since it might affect the electricity flow even though the transformer has been selected and installed properly.

Electrical Installation Contractor Malaysia

Components involved in power engineering are inclusive of electric generator, high voltage engineering, electric motor, transformer and power electronics. Many of these products are ready-made by different brand manufacturers, difference involved consist of specification such as capacity, dimension, voltage, input and output. Common to see the government is the one regulating the power or electricity sector, building the power substation, power distribution grid and others to ensure they can control the electricity price. In accordance to the electrical engineering contractor Malaysia, power needs government intervention is because this utility source is essential to the public and they can prevent abuse of power to create electricity shortage chaos. Every residential, commercial and industrial sector’s user requires electricity to operate their daily activities and business. These power grids can connect different variety of generators for multiple purpose, the ideology of government grid system is to reduce the living cost and operating cost of business; instead of setting up the power generation system and producing the electric