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Fast Food Restaurant Design | Dine-in & Takeaway

Restaurant Contractor Malaysia

Designing a restaurant is challenging and yet exciting to many owners because it involves well planning with experts, to cater for the process flow of the overall concept of your fast food restaurant. First of all, let us take common examples such as burger selling restaurants that is always the priority to many entrepreneurs when they think of starting a fast food chain as their base. The reason why burgers are taken here as a start is because it is easy in preparation, affordable in price, well accepted by a wide range of categories in population. Hardly to see anyone will be strongly on this delicious food, from working adults, students, children, housewives to old folks. Health concerns have also been taken away with the improvement of cooking methods, recipes and ingredients. More non-meat, non-deep frying and less additives concept for burgers make the market share of burger-based fast food chains grow.

When designing a fast food restaurant, it is always thought of creating an impression of “fast and convenient”. The efficiency in terms of time and effort saving, balancing with sufficient crowds to boost the chain effect to attract more customers should always be there within the consideration list of interior designer, franchisor, franchisee, business owners and other stakeholders. With the inception and increased popularity digital payment gateway and e-wallet, more and more fast food restaurants nowadays allow customers to use easy method for payment, from as simple as “wave your credit or debit card to pay”, “smartphone electronic payment”, “facial recognition for transaction” to “zero-cashier or counter for autonomous payment”. These are just part of the puzzles for the digitalization of this industry, while there are more to elaborate but yet it shall be installed into the design together with the overall layout of the restaurant. There are more factors to play with when it comes to the “Quick Meal” concept.