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Bedroom Design Malaysia

Chinese geomancy is also called as the Feng Shui (风水) commonly by office and house owner in many Chinese population, these metaphysics will apply energy forces that are invisible to conduct the harmonization of environment and individual. Feng shui renovation contractor in Malaysia found out that these traditional practices are more on the cultural belief originated from ancient China and therefore classified as pseudoscience rather than science. When we are to put pseudoscience in a proper definition, it comprises practices, beliefs or statements that yet to be compatible with methodology of science but public generally treat them as both factual and scientific. Art of Placement is what the Chinese sees feng shui is too, balancing the “Chi” which is also known as the life energies in the living space. In addition to living areas which are houses, feng shui is also applicable to many other spaces of activities, such as in the office workplace. Feng shui renovation contractor Malaysia will implement cures to enhance the positive chi flows to overwhelm the flow of negativity.

So many ways for feng shui to be effective, from the basic one such as getting to know your colours, separating rest and work areas, never let window too near to the bed, bagua map appropriate usage as well as the most important for human being, make sure always presented in a tidy and organized outlook. Quoting another feng shui expert as well as he is the author for The Holistic Home, Laura Benko saying that “Rule the world and take control of your emotional and mental health from where you sit, stand, and sleep”. In her perspective, feng shui is for the mind, body, spirit and space surrounding you. Feng shui renovation contractor in Malaysia does a lot of research on different opinions and sharings by a wide range of experts for them to be able to conduct some advice to their customers. According to what Laura Benko claims, there are several basic principles for feng shui to work out effectively, such as balancing the five elements, maximizing the light of natural, keeping the front door’s pathway clear enough, taking off the symbolism of negativity, slowing down the flow of energy, offering reason for guests to pause and making sure clutter clearance is always there for own house. A truly transformed environment of spaces will be tackling the psychology, health, spirituality, efficiency as well as beauty, the ever-changing requirement within us shall remain in a balanced way as a whole.

Study Room Design Malaysia

Putting more ways for a bedroom feng shui to realize its maximum potential is undoubtedly vital for people, since approximately one-third of a day (6-8hours) or whole lifespan will be spent in this room as well as in sleeping mode. First of all shares by feng shui renovation contractor Malaysia, the head part of your bed shall not be prohibiting your view to the door, bed should not be storing anything underneath, window cannot be too close to the head, bed is not wisely also when it is arranged at an angle as well as the alignment of bed shall be placed with the wall’s middle. Furthermore, eco-friendly or natural bedding shall be applied, usage of screen or electronic device need to be limited, bookshelf shall not be placed in the same room (only the book that is currently reading is allowed), encouraging bedside table on at least a side, mattress size is worthwhile to be king or super-king, mirrors should not be viewable when lying on the bed, light bulb brightness shall kept as low as possible, solid headboard and adjustable blind for air flow shall be invested, softer colour tones as well as all doors and drawers should be always in closure conditions when nobody is using it.

Living Room Design Malaysia

The next area to be discussed would be the living space in which most of your other time will be spent beside the bedroom will be here, either alone or together with family and guests. There is one simple rule that everyone shall be aware of when they place their sofa, which is to lean against the solid wall. Feng shui renovation contractor in Malaysia says that the placement of sofa in such a way can offer people the feel of security and stability, at least the largest seating sofa. At the same time, feng shui experts do not encourage the sofa to be placed at the back of the window. Paintings and photos that are positive shall be utilized and placed on the wall; the front door can view every single piece of furniture, TV to be covered when not in use, crystal or coin bowl shall be placed on top of the coffee table are examples of good feng shui for the living room. Moreover, there are some other tips for people to refer to, such as hanging mirrors to make space view larger, a small window garden shall be added, clutter clearance as usual, room division, more light of natural, placement of more furnitures that can be useful, incorporating of more feng shui elements as well as use better colours for view effects.

Bathroom Design Malaysia

There are also other areas in the house such as the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Feng shui renovation contractor Malaysia will encourage kitchen not to be placed across the bathroom or bedroom, no mirror shall be faced against the stove, dirty dishes are not advised to stay overnight, avoidance of black and red colour as well as fresh fruit and flowers are available for display. Nevertheless, the bathroom shall have metallic wind chime, mirror to hang onto the door, have more air-purifying plants positioned rightly, application of circular-shaped gray rugs, silver and metallic coloured gold. Then, the dining room shall be receiving natural sunlight, colour combination shall be balanced by not having dull or overly bright, comfortable, inviting, calm and hunger arousing orientation. There are also rules for the children’s room, but basically it has few criterias shall be in place too. Feng shui contractor Malaysia is also suggesting that air ventilation and purification shall be done nicely, clutter removal consistently, bed frame to be placed by raising up without storage place underneath, round or circular shaped of nightstand, no mirror directly facing to bed’s view and also no putting of bed under the window.

Dining Room Design Malaysia

In a nutshell overall, feng shui is actually “wind-water” in english if direct translation from mandarin. It consists of architectural forces that are invisible that are binding humanity with the earth and universe that we have mentioned as “Qi”. From as simple as a living space as a house or workplace as an office, feng shui is also applied to many developments and communities. Feng shui contractor in Malaysia serves a lot of developers and business owners on their buildings too, from advisory, purchases of customized materials to installation with the right position. Many people will use tombs, water elements, natural structures, plants and directions as the basic guidance. For instance, people believe wealth can be created if there is a mountain behind your house, it indicates stability at the back and supportive forces are there. Water, river or fountain will also play important roles, for example, a slow moving river that is unpolluted and clean that passes right in front of the house can carry a lot of good fortune. Building position shall also be the main element to be evaluated by feng shui contractor Malaysia, usually no sloping land shall be there behind the house. Feng shui does also be optimum when the house faces south that has a good view and clear path, best for family harmony, chi absorption and warm light.

Kitchen Design Malaysia

Where to Get a Feng Shui Renovator for House and Office in Malaysia

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