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Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to provide door frame and window frame fabrication, window and door frame supply to installation, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. We aim to be leading door frame and window frame fabricator, window supplier and window contractor in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of window and door frame supply to installation in Malaysia. We will introduce the types of door and window as well as their frame types to you from the aspects of material. Enquire us today for your new project door and window frame installation, including residential, commercial, industrial, high rise, low rise, shop lot, office, showroom, bungalow to many other kinds.

Timber Door Frame Contractor Malaysia

Types of Door and Frame

In Malaysia, many kinds of door and frame are commonly seen in buildings such as wooden door, ledged door (battened door), framed door (paneled door), flush door, glass door, steel door, PVC door, fiberglass door, fiber reinforced plastic door, aluminium door and bamboo-jute composite door. Door frame contractor in Malaysia can supply and install the door, its frame as a package. Timber door is still the most popular among all other options traditionally until today. Designer normally will specify timber door with timber frame because they can match better than other materials, in addition to the reason in which the wood varieties are a lot and its availability is usually not a problem to them. Furthermore, door frame contractor Malaysia highly encourage to use wooden materials too because it is durable and easy to work on. Woodworking is relatively simple for many carpenter if any custom made door shape, design and texture are required, even though the quantity needed is very little and door manufacturer cannot produce such small order.

Aluminium Door Frame Contractor Malaysia

Aluminium door and the frame are also another highly demanded materials in specification of designer, developer, owner and contractor. Door frame contractor in Malaysia able to supply and install aluminium door frame at a competitive cost because the raw material itself is already low in cost. This type of material is highly suitable for customer who is looking for durable, lightweight yet affordable budget. There are many other advantages from this material, including its resistance against insects, water proof, humidity and it can be painted with any colour or texture without hassle. Aluminium material allows the matching of any kind of design theme, thickness, height, width and potentially other aspects. Fiberglass door and frame are subsequently ranked as top ten of materials accepted by public, it can last for many years from scratch-resistant and low maintenance cost. Additionally, door frame contractor Malaysia claims that fibreglass is considered as one of the most hardened materials as per wood and steel but yet it is having lower upkeep cost than them, as well as its wide colour varieties make it can be applied in many other components for the building.

Vinyl is on the other hand, being installed mostly for patio door, swing, fold, slide as well as it is highly resistant against to thermal and budget-friendly. A material that is durable, energy efficient, weather-resistant as well as recyclable. Furthermore, glass door is a very popular in modern architecture design, because it emphasizes on transparent, openness, authentic; but when it is equipped with different kind of glass type, it can protect privacy, enhance durability, safety and energy efficiency. Door frame contractor in Malaysia also encourage to use steel when safety and extremely long lifespan are the concerns, although it is much heavier than other materials. PVC door and other types of materials are also important when it comes to friendliness in weight, fabrication, installation, design, moisture and termite-resistant features.

PVC Window Frame Contractor Malaysia

Types of Window & Frame

Window frame contractor in Malaysia says that window material and the frame more or less the same with door’s one. However, there are so many types of windows in Malaysia where we can also cover (design, fabricate, supply, install) such as casement, awning, hopper, double-hung, single-hung, sliding, boox, picture (pTypes of Window & Framerojected frame), garden, tilt and turn, basement as well as bay and bow type. Actually there ar