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Gate Grille Contractor Malaysia | Door & Window


Aathaworld can supply the gate and grille for door, window or merely as a standalone barrier of a space which adjoins with walls. Gateway, grille or gateway is entrance point to space or building, it is built to isolate, control or to prevent the intruding of individual, vehicle, animal or other foreign objects. A latch is also be installed to make sure it cannot be swing and of course the most important functions, to lowered and raised for gate opening. At the same time, gate contractor in Malaysia will normally provide the gate lock so can enhance the security. Actually, another form of gate can also be door since they are applied for the same purpose, which is safeguarding the building. Modern days, these door gates are now designed as automation, opening and closing are operated using remote control. A lot of historical buildings shown that the olden days gate is built much larger and it is to make sure fortified town and castle are well protected from foreign individual together with adequate height of walls. However, some gate contractor Malaysia does not agree that door is also interchangeable with gate, since gate will not have any wall built on top of it while door is surrounded wholly with walls at all sides. In addition, the path behind the door cannot be accessed without door opening by its designated key while gate is not necessary guarded with lock pad.


Steel Gates and Grilles

Most of the gates are made up of steel because of its advantages, such as durability, corrosion-resistant, can last for life time and can achieve a high level of security of the owner’s properties, assets and tenants