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Green Building Malaysia

Engaging a design build contractor team with consulting capability is important whereas they can exhaust all range of skill sets for building design optimization with the materials utilization, for the sake of reaching maximum efficiency overall. Green building consultant in Malaysia explains that the certified green building is also a sustainable building from the stages of planning to constructing it, while having design, operation, demolition, renovation and maintenance. These processes utilization shall be responsible to the environment and efficient in using relevant resources in the whole life-cycle of a building. Without the existence of any single doubt, the collaboration between all parties in any specific project needed to be there for execution to completion. Cooperative players are including customers of course, then the suppliers, main builder, sub-contractors, architects and engineers. Typical design concerns look at few perspectives in accordance to green building consultant Malaysia, such as comfortability, feasibility, durability, economically, utility, speed and sustainability to people, earth and financial expenses. There is a standard for the rating name as LEED, which is represented fully as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Its system of rating involves several aspects, these are design, maintenance, operation and construction of green building.

Since this is developed in the United States, specifically known as the US Green Building Council. Green building consultant in Malaysia also mentions another well recognized council is called as the World Green Building Council in which they conduct a lot of research, sharing, meeting, standard to all its members coming from more than seventy countries globally that stay in their respective council of member for the country. This is a global network that has no profit-driven motive, consisting of almost fifty thousands in membership countings. This establishment was growing very fast since its inception in the year 1993, founded by Mike Italiano, David Gottfried and Rick Fedrizzi. Their mission is pretty simple, to encourage more practices that can pay higher attention on sustainability in the field of construction and building. Its influencing power and role playing based on what green building consultant Malaysia shares, is creating effects to the arising awareness and actions taken by members as well as players in the related industries. They are committed to achieve more and more zero carbon buildings, protecting our mother earth and human lives.