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Green Building Materials Malaysia | Design & Install

Bamboo Building Materials Supplier Malaysia

International construction market has been mentioning about the green-going today, demand of eco-friendly building material is arising now. Green building materials supplier in Malaysia has also initiated a lot of innovations for multiple applications on and in the building. This is also due to the incentives provided by construction council, government, income tax authority in order to reward developer to build more green building. Therefore, green building materials are getting more acceptability. Furthermore, there is a need to increase the number of green building materials supplier in Malaysia. There is one ordinary criteria in which green building material has to meet is that, it enhances overall energy efficiency of the building, putting aside the effect of purely architectural design. Energy efficiency building has wide coverage, including roof, wall, slab to other interior products. For example, roof insulation materials against sunlight, lightweight slab to reduce the structural materials usage and cost in accordance to green building materials supplier Malaysia.

Green Building Contractor Malaysia

Additionally, when green building material authority certifying these materials as eco-friendly and allocate higher rating point, few points will be evaluated such as the raw material’s renewability, production’s pollution level. For example, some raw materials may not be renewable and the regrowth has also contains lesser in possibility such as tree’s timber. In some circumstances, the growth of such raw materials might also leads to adverse impact on the environment. Moreover, green building materials certifier of Malaysia such as GBI association has also limiting the production process and method of such building materials that might cause pollution or involves complicated h