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Hard Drawn Wire Supplier Malaysia | Mesh & Fence

BRC Wire Mesh Malaysia

Hard Drawn Wire is a steel coil that constantly requires supply by both manufacturing and construction usage. Hard drawn wire is mainly made up of carbon steel which is easily molded to any shape or layout for any usage. It also available in stainless steel but would be more suitable for high profile construction or production only. A hard drawn wire is easy malleable and able to form any shape and product such as wire mesh fencing, gabion care, BRC wire mesh for reinforce concrete, steel rebar, etc. Hard Drawn wire is very economical in pricing and has very high versatility. In fact, steel is the most recyclable material in the world and can be made to the same grade which allows it to be reused in the construction field. Hard drawn wire can also be added with a sealer coated to provide extra protection from the sun such as PVC coating. Hard drawn wire can also be used on your many DIY projects such as stock fencing, chicken netting, steel art gallery, cloth hanger and etc. You can get more consultation from Aathaworld by providing your idea and expected the result to us.

Wire Mesh Supplier Malaysia

Wire Mesh Fencing Hard drawn wire is famous of produced as wire mesh fencing. Wire mesh fencing is an upcoming trend on fencing production due to its stronger impact resistant and retains its shape and size better than normal wire fencing. It is usually supply in panel form and able to install very quick and easy with a few tools. Normal impact and scratch would not cause any damage to the fence because it is usually produced from hot-dip galvanizing and this material also allows longer life span for the fence even in humid weather. It has many types of wire mesh fencing available in the market and the most common is the V mesh fencing and the Anti Climbing fence. V mesh fencing would form a small V shape on top or middle of the mesh fencing that prevents most of the intruder fr