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Hardware Supplier Malaysia

Building material hardware consists of many products. It can range from a bolt & nut to as big as a Generator Set. Hardware in building material usually consists of tools, chemical, machine, and some other pipe fittings and the most common and important cement pack. Aathaworld Sdn Bhd has been a hardware supplier for quite some time. Our range of services includes KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Our mission is to be the leading hardware supplier in Malaysia, which is why we promise to deliver the best hardware material in Malaysia. Our product is vast in variety which covers a lot of sectors which include building, infrastructure, and industrial sectors.

Ordinary Portland Cement Malaysia

Ordinary Portland Cement One of the most common product in hardware supply is the Ordinary Portland cement. Ordinary Portland cement many refer to it as cement because is the basic product or essential product to do modern concrete work. The component includes flooring, wall, and bean. Its usage is very vast and easy as it usually comes in dry mix form and can be mixed in water and sand to form concrete either for repair or new structure creation. Cement can be mixed with other admixture to achieve the desired workability for a different project and it can also be faster cured to achieved early strength. Although nowadays, most of the big project would be using a cement truck to do the cement work of a smaller scale or rural area would be still using cement pack by pour to a cement mixer. Other similar product would be the Portland composite cement and the masonry cement. Composite cement difference with normal cement is that it is mixed with distinct components such as fly ash, slag, pozzolana and etc. Portland composite cement is much more cost-effective substitute for portland cement as the material is a byproduct and the product is more environmentally friendly as it uses less water to form concrete. Lesser water requires also means of the lesser crack problem, high strength gains, and better weather resistant. Portland composite cement requires knowledge and experience when using on concrete work as too much usage would cause wastage and if not enough would cause halting of work which is why Aathaworld consultation comes in very important as we provide the best amount estimation and quality product. In Malaysia building material such as cement comes in different brand and additional substance so you must consult the specialist such as Aathaworld to understand the product application and the steps required.

PVC Piping Supplier Malaysia

PVC piping, HDPE piping, and Bolt & Nut Another common hardware supply is PVC piping and HDPE piping. Piping is a must product for any building and infrastructure work. The main purpose for piping is for the fluid and gas segregation such as your households water distribution connector or ventilation ducting usage. PVC piping is the most common type of piping for households as the price is usually lower than HDPE and it is very durable and long lasting. HDPE piping has higher strength and better resistant against chemical so its much more suitable for many industrial usages such as underground sewage and plantation irrigation. To install the pipe usually some bolt & Nut and some steel pipe holder would be used to stabilized or lock it in position. Bolt & Nut is quite an important product for installing a component and usually, problems or source of corrosion start from here. To avoid such issues, Aathaworld as the hardware supplier will ensure such occurrences would reduce to none as our product is produced in high quality and together with our consultation the end result will usually flawless and last a very long time. In order to fulfill the requirement of a local authority such as Malaysia, Aathaworld will provide the necessary guidance for the client and installer to follow the guideline.

Bolt Nut Supplier Malaysia

Bathroom Accessories and Kitchen Accessories Water is the most important towards human daily life so to use it there is always some bathroom accessories or kitchen accessories to equip on our kitchen and bathroom. Hardware such as faucet, bidet, sink, tap is the efficient equipment to use water for your daily activities. Common functions such as reduce wastage, sufficient pressure, non-leaking, durable and long-lasting is the key for a good bathroom and kitchen accessories. Other additives feature such as design and color is the important criteria for many modern customers. Although most of the time a project usually come with tap, fittings, faucet and etc which is fully installed many of customer s