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There should be no doubt that if good benefits were being provided to the workplace’s team, in addition to a safe and happy environment, productivity will be elevated and subsequently fabricate more constructive financial and non-financial outcomes to the organization. Resulting from these inputs may be exampling the following, such as the top line and bottom line of the financial statements (more sales, lower cost, higher profit margin as well as dividends to shareholders). Of course, besides monetary rewards, companies shall also put good priorities to other indexes as using a range of benchmarks including reputation to get world attention or nationwide in each country to attract talents to join your workforce. Research has shown that a happy working environment is leading as the top reason most of the applicants chose to work in that company and they did a lot of surveys before engaging their employers to make sure this too. Definitely, we are not saying salaries, allowances, distance to home, working hours, job description and more of other factors will not be the top, but just that the vague combination could happen too as in “happy” can be end results from other privileges.

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