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Industrial Piping Contractor Malaysia | Liquids and Gases

Carbon Steel Pipe Supplier Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is your preferred industrial piping system supplier and contractor Malaysia, from existing to new piping, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia. As an industrial piping fabricator and maintenance specialist, we are able to supply and install in multiple types of pipeline such as concrete pipe, mild steel, fibreglass, stainless steel and many more. There are many areas in building, industrial plant or even infrastructure require proper piping system, to ensure the durability and safety level are being maximized. The main function of piping is to be used as transport medium for fluids conveying, from one to another location. Industrial pipe contractor Malaysia will need to make sure the pipe can deliver the fluid efficiently either in a manufacturing factory, industrial plant or other infrastructural set-up.

Industrial Pipe Supplier Malaysia

Pipe Materials

There are plenty of materials can be used to manufacture pipe, including steel, wood, glass, plastic, PVC, HDPE, fibreglass, aluminium, concrete, copper and more. Each of the raw materials has their own competitive advantages in which steel is one of common to be seen for heavier industries such as oil and gas. Industrial pipe contractor in Malaysia usually able fabricate steel pipe for various kind of application including power plant, oil drilling platform and more. Steel pipe requires proper coating and before it is done so, specialis