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Interior designer in Malaysia is not easily found in Malaysia. Most of them provide their design service mainly around city areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor and Penang. Interior design services can provide for different sector such kitchen design, bathroom design, ballroom design, living room design, bedroom room design and etc. Usually the design service provided is a full range design similar to a housing have all the component to build in it. A good design must accompany with a good contractor that able to build according to design. The contractor must be able to deliver the design as per the blueprint prepared by the interior design to fulfill customer need. Aathaworld has more than half a decade to work with different designer and our experience is able to deliver beautiful and functional interior design. Our interior design build includes custom ceiling installation, wall partition installation, cabinet installation, wardrobe installation, flooring installation, wall furnishes such as paint and cladding, sanitary ware installation, window & door installation and etc. Aathaworld has collaborate with different interior designer expert to provide design and build for your project needs so inquire us to build your dream space now.


Ceiling Design and Installation

Ceiling is one of the important design requirements for any area of application. Even in office, home, mall and factory is still an important component to focus on. The ceiling has a lot of design available for interior and the most popular one is the suspended ceiling. Suspended ceiling contains a lot of design such as 3d design art, paint white design with lighting touch up or using aluminum cover as the ceiling covet. Suspended ceiling main focus is to hide the interior cable and plumbing of the room. By hiding the same time it also provide beautiful furnishes and design for a room. Other popular and upcoming design trend is using aluminum framework to cover the ceiling. One of the types is called the aluminium baffle ceiling. The main design of this ceiling type is to semi cover the roof cable and plumbing to provide a spacious feel and unique pattern design. The aluminum covering is very easy to be installed and reduce the total weight of ceiling. It is a material that are easy to be maintained and clean easily. The aluminum is also corrosion resistant and the spacing in the ceiling able to detect any leak or crack easily. To install the baffle ceiling must find an expert like Aathaworld for the installation as this will greatly reduce the installation time and long lasting usage.


Wall Partition, Decor and Finishing

Wall partition is another important component to focus on. You can easily install brick wall with plastering and white paint finishes. But this design can be easily touched up to be more attractive. Wall tile is one of the most popular wall finishes for many home and restaurant design. Tiles contains a lots of pattern and color that able to suits for different room or application. It is extremely durable and do not change in color easily. Places such as kitchen and bathroom is the most appropriate to install with wall tiling. After choosing the tile that's suits you design installation is very easy to proceed. Cleaning the surfaces and inputting primer can start the tile installation. In the tile between would need to leave a gap to install the plastering to ensure the tile would not damage each other due to vibration. Aathaworld has many years of experience in installing wall tile and able to ensure it to last a decade or longer.


Of course, there are a lot of wall decorations can be chosen by interior designers in Malaysia for owner to use for the house, office and other rooms. Wallpapers were so popular a few years back, but the owner seems more keen towards tiling method as this solid and sustainable solution for wall is still the most preferable way to decorate the wall. Ceramic tiles brands such as Feurni, Guocera, Niro Granite, MML, Terracotta, White Horse, Kimgres and many more brands are what Aathaworld can supply as an option to designers. From the washroom, living room, kitchen, study room, office, showroom, cafe, restaurant to many more types of building, we can provide a turnkey solution started from supplying to installation. In addition, Aathaworld can do the design and build so owner can just approach one party (which is us) to save time and effort.


Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe Design and Installation

A home would not be complete without proper furniture installation. In house cabinet and wardrobe installation would provide a unique and attractive design for your house or office. A customized design cabinet is able to store a lot of items that you usually used or rarely used. It provides a personal space storage for your own and the exterior design can goes very well with your surrounding wall. Glass design cabinet can increase the brightness of a room and reflection can also increase the spacious of a room. The main material of the cabinet and wardrobe is usually using wood in order to have more design and able to laminate with different vinyl. Custom wardrobe not only attractive and also very useful for personal usage. It only requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. Aathaworld is able to build furniture to fit the interior design and we provide a bunch of variety design for your project. To know more about our furniture installation you can inquire any of Aathaworld personnel to know more of the info.


Where to Get an Interior Designer in Malaysia

Aathaworld is able to provide interior design and construction service for your building project. Our design is prepared by our collaboration partner that can provide you with the best design with a vast variety that allows you to choose. Our interior design involves room design, hallway design, ballroom design, kitchen design, bathroom design, entertainment room design, etc. We even have a cabinet and furniture designer to build unique pieces that able to suits your project interior. Upon choosing the design Aathaworld contractor will proceed to build according to the design. We have many years of working experience with our designer partner that able to deliver a high-quality job and finishes. Our constructing work includes partition installation, ceiling installation, sanitary ware installation, plumbing & fixture installation, window & door installation, cabinet & furniture installation, decor & furnishes, etc. As a full range general contractor, our service covers the entire area of Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Penang, Kedah, Perak, Pahang, Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, etc. We could also provide our design service for other countries in Asean such as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. Call us at Aathaworld Sdn Bhd +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday). or email to to enquire your design and build service for your projects.


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