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Aathaworld is your preferred landscape maintenance contractor in Malaysia in which we can help to beautify and refurbish the outdoor overview surrounding despite building types from residential, commercial, industrial to community. It is a combination of features visible from the land area, landform, integration of man-made features and natural setup. Physical elements of defined geophysical landforms from hills, living elements on top of the land, mountains, lakes, sea, rivers and ponds. At the same time, it also covers comprehensive forms of buildings, structures, land use as well as other elements that are not permanent from weather to lighting. Physical origin of these elements must be combined together with the human presence for cultural overlay, millenary of mankind as well as identity representative of national and local level, of the people’s living synthesis with the experienced sharing by landscape maintenance contractor Malaysia. Landscape’s character will assist in defining the people’s own image and a place’s sense in which the inhabitation will be differing by diverse regions. Few design elements will actually need to be considered when it comes to specifying into the architectural drawings such as the form, colour, texture, line and mass. Unique experience is expected to exist from the creation of existing space into a transformed attractive venue. How is the space being organized whereby structure is provided are critical. Ordinary colour and texture will make the design more attractive while the richness and interest being added into overall concept are mainly dependent on the level of architect. Landscape maintenance contractor in Malaysia claims that the principles of any landscape design shall me repetitive in its unity by the rational proportionate allocation with maximized order. The reason why proportion or ratios of each element is important, because overly emphasizing some part of its repetition might make the visitors feel bored and even dislike.

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There are several principles when architects plan a well design of landscape, such as unity, scale or proportion, sequence, emphasis, balance, variety and simplicity. Let us put that into details, unity means that the creation of harmony or wholeness sense must exist in the landscape, by avoiding to apply wide varieties of single plants or some other elements into the specification for the prevention of chaotic and cluttered effects. Landscape maintenance contractor Malaysia will make the correlation size of certain parts in the landscape design tends to be more proportionate to each other and as a whole. For instance, the leg of a chair must be on a suitable scale to the seat or its back where people lay on it. Landscape sequence is kind of abstract because not every architect can do it well because messed up sequence in the eye of some designers might seem very well organized, and hence it can be said there is no fixed rule on this factor. Viewer’s attention must be drawn with a good strategized target, it will vary from case-to-case since it is a very subjective point and it all depends on the overall concept in which the designer tends to focus at. For example, landscape maintenance contractors in Malaysia will make sure the refurbishment of elements in the original design can be reemphasized by having some extensive treatment. Discolouration along the lifetime of paver is one example where the beauty of the authentic product fade off, while specialist will always try to bring back the original aesthetic outlook of the product, from its colour, pattern to surface’s properties. Balance is the next one we need to talk about, because it is kind of challenging to have a balanced landscape design without an experienced architect to input. The weightage of each of the members in the overall landscaping work from fountain, plants (or type of plant), paving material, grass area, walkway, hardscape or others are very important. Last but not least, landscape maintenance contractor Malaysia will make sure the renovation or upgrading of existing landscape will also achieve simplicity while maintaining the variety to be at optimal level. Omission of insignificant elements where it does not help to enhance the design’s impact is essential whereas the size, form and shape selections in terms of visual interest must be as diversified as possible, for the sake of best landscape design.

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Landscape style of design can be subcategorized by country, culture, century or purpose. In China, many rich families will build their gardens as grand as possible by incorporating a lot of ancient dynasties in which we can trace back from Tang, Qin, Zhou, Xia, Ming, Song and more. Chinese garden style has been in existence for many thousands of years which used to be built grandly by China emperors, royal families, poets, scholars, soldiers, high ranking government officers or rich merchants. According to a landscape maintenance contractor in Malaysia, more or less it is all about feng shui and impression. It is reflecting the status, power, wealth of the owner. At the same time, chinese do believe that with proper metaphysics through well organized building entrance, side and back direction coupled with the landscape, it can bring fortune, health and career luck into the family. Classical chinese garden built by pond, flora, fauna, rock, pavillion, gazebo, pergola, hall assortment, zig-zag galleries, winding paths, any other softscapes and hardscapes. Most importantly, with the wall protection of substantial height, in order to protect family from the intrusion of foreign visitors, robbery, thief and privacy. Chinese will also do their painting of landscape in the garden, or otherwise, inviting their friends and relatives.