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An aerial work platform (AWP) is used to aid workers performing construction tasks at height. A manlift is an aerial work platform that is designed specially to lift a worker safely to the working height. A manlift is also commonly called a personal lift or personnel lift in the industry. Manlifts can be designed differently to be used for a variety of construction purposes. A manlift is useful for many occasions, such as for painting tall walls or ceilings, and washing windows of an office building. There are mainly three types of manlifts, self-propelled manlifts, push-around manlifts, and atrium or belt manlifts. These manlifts have similar features but vary in size and specialization which can be used for different construction purposes.

A self-propelled manlift is a small manlift that can lift a single person to ladder height with more base stability. The height can be adjusted with a collapsible frame. This manlift is small in size thus easy to move about. It is suitable for performing repairs on the ceiling, painting tall walls, and for construction that is small-scaled. On the other hand, a push-around manlift can raise a single worker higher than a self-propelled manlift can reach. It is also larger and has wheels and outrigger legs that provide a stable base. As another option, the atrium manlift or belt manlift is a large manlift with articulating jib which allows moving around obstacles, tank-like drive tracks, and outriggers. These features allow this manlift to be used for outdoor purposes as it can move around uneven surfaces.

Lifting equipment is a machine used for lifting loads to a height. Lifting equipment is used because the load is too heavy and is not possible to be lifted by manpower and is more practical and handier to use lifting equipment to perform such tasks. Lifting equipment is used for a variety of industrial purposes where lifting heavy loads is required, such as the construction industry, manufacturing industry, mining activities, etc. Using lifting equipment to perform a task has its advantages. For instance, it reduces the manual labour needed for lifting heavy objects and relieves the worker’s fatigue from lifting. Also, there are different types of lifting equipment that allows the flexibility of the objects being transported anywhere and anytime it is needed. Besides, the variety of size and function of the lifting equipment allows them to be used indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the equipment can be customized based on the job requirement as the equipment has tools and attachments to it, allowing customization. Furthermore, it is cost-effective as it reduces the labour needed for lifting, and is easy to maintain. In addition, lifting equipment is easy to transport thus can be transported to anywhere where it is needed.

There is a wide variety of lifting equipment with different functions to be used for different purposes. The equipment can be used either independently or combined with other lifting equipment to perform heavy lifting at sites. The most common types of lifting equipment are construction hoists, excavators, cranes, forklifts, telehandlers, hydraulic elevators, and aerial lifts.

Construction Hoist Malaysia

1. Construction Hoist

A hoist is equipment used to raise the load to higher floors and lower load from higher floors to lower ground. It is often used in tall building constructions to transport materials vertically.

Excavator Malaysia

2. Excavator

Though an excavator is a piece of earthmoving equipment, it is sometimes used as a mobile crane to lift and move loads. Despite that, it is still needed to be operated in a safe manner by a competent person.

Tower Crane Malaysia

3. Tower Crane

A tower crane is mostly used on the construction site mainly for loading and unloading materials. It is used for many construction purposes such as bridge construction, civil construction, dam construction, residential construction, and railway construction.

Mobile Crane Malaysia

4. Mobile Crane

A mobile crane is a type of crane that can move about like a vehicle. It is used for lower levels when it is not necessary to use a tower crane. There is a variety of use of a mobile crane, and it is mainly used in building and bridge construction for installation of steel and precast concrete.

Telescopic Crane Malaysia

5. Telescopic Crane

The telescopic crane is normally used in shipping ports. It is used to raise and sink the loads from or into the sea. It is also used to move freight around the deck and helps in the loading and unloading of materials to other places.

Forklift Malaysia

6. Forklift

Forklifts can be commonly seen in warehouses and in other places where heavy materials are constantly transported around. They are useful in carrying heavy materials across a distance with least effort which saves time.