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Metal Fabrication Malaysia

A metal plate is normally known as a metal sheet by many manufacturers due to its small thickness and foldable ability. The metal plate is commonly product the metal plate in a roll form to reduce space usage and transport optimization. The metal plate itself is very useful by joining with other product or material because it can reduce the total production cost and achieve the same metal feature such as hardness, easily joint and bend. A metal plate can also be used as an extra protection layer as a fire retardant and chemical resistant layer. A metal plate is also very customizable due to its thickness and coil coating availability. In Malaysia, most metal plates are produced as a cladding exterior layer to become provide a shiny and long-lasting appearance. The metal material that is usually used is usually corrosion resistance and stain resistance so that it can reduce the maintenance cost and last for more years. To gain more idea about the variety and usage of each metal plate, you can always consult Aathaworld Sdn Bhd for more info and idea.

Steel Plate Malaysia

Aluminium Plate Aluminium Plate is considered to be one of the most sellable coil product in the market. The lightweight and natural corrosion-resistant allow it to be used in many applications such as roofing, wall, furniture, ceiling, etc. One of the most common product is the Aluminium composite panel. Aluminium composite panel also refers as sandwich panel because the core layer is most likely the polymer or a similar product that seal or bond with the Aluminium plate on both the front and back surface of the core layer. This composite panel has an absolute low thermal conductivity and good acoustic insulation too. These two features allow the panel to have a good fire retardant and soundproof ability. The natural corrosion resistance of aluminium plate also reduces the pricing needed for maintenance and repair. Other tha