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Mezzanine Design Malaysia

Mezzanine is a floor that is classified as an intermediate floor or multiple floors that exist in the building where usually is an open space, or it can also be partly open to the underneath floor. It is also constructed halfway up from the floor and attaching to the wall, normally can be done when the building is having a higher ceiling since it requires a minimum height. Mezzanine contractor in Malaysia can split the floor into two when the required ceiling height to build the extended floor is at least forty-four meters or at least a rough forty-teen feet between the ground to ceiling. The stairway to access the mezzanine floor should not be so space-consuming too as it would not be practical, since the original space that can be utilized will be squeezed for tenants to move around or allocate other furniture setups. This vertical space is having one core objective, to maximize the space while offering extra room to carry out additional activities without affecting the structure of existing. Thumb rule of it shall be one-third of the size compared to the floor underneath, the in between floor is not considered as another storey and not counted as official floors when taking the whole building as a benchmark. Mezzanine contractor Malaysia is sharing the experience of a typical mezzanine floor withstandability of loads, is averagely rated approximately three hundreds and sixty kilogram per meter square in the case of office. Since the mezzanine floor can also be constructed for the industrial sector, its storage weight capacity shall be as high as five hundreds per meter square in order to justify its purpose.

Mezzanine House Malaysia