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Motivation & Incentive | Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture Malaysia

It is crucial to have a good culture in the workplace, from keeping up a motivating working environment to a proper incentivized system to reward the team. Of course, salaries, bonuses, commissions and other kinds of monetary incentives are direct causes to many of the organizations but yet non-monetary ones play a big role too that no one shall neglect. The reason behind this is pretty straightforward when an employee is merely motivated by just the money, dollars and cents stuff, then peers in the industry might just take over this staff without much effort by just paying them at a higher rate in terms of monthly payout, higher shares of commission to profit-sharing types. Therefore, it is core not to only set the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) based on the achievement in terms of sales, profit margin, overhead control, cost management to more. The rationale is also basically implying when you are having a money-term reward, your indexes shall also be labelled based on figure facts. Facts and figures that are criterialized with numerical data are sometimes not accurate enough to reflect overall, because there might be other reasons that make employees can or cannot achieve certain targets. Benchmarking with qualitative data is generously reaching more fairness but due to its difficulties in quantifiability, it will be not able to capture certain points that should be compared around with other teammates within the company.