Natural Ventilation and Sunlight Design for Building

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Natural light and fresh air are always the best in most conditions, for the greening effect while saving your electricity bill too. How to achieve the best conditioning structured design for such circulation of air exchanging and lighting alternatives from our neutral environment, incorporating them into the existing building or forming a wholly practical new setup are always challenging to the majority of building owners. Despite many authorities or councils have been promoting incentives to get developers to push for a green building index (GBI), developers are still struggling to get a proper team to conduct such comparison in terms of cost, time and overall design feasibility studies when it comes to the work of “Natural Simplicity”. Working conditions for offices, commercial to the living habit of residential as well as industrial intensity for building usage are always comprising plenty of factors to be considered for the sake of design.

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Architect and interior design will have to work side-to-side with developer and owner for their specific or general requirements, most of the time would need contractor and supplier to play a role to recommend the appropriate products to ensure goods supplied are installable since some artistic designs are new to vendors. Experienced installers could face obstacles if unique ideas are then being viewed as fresh and never been done before in the market, case studies are not even probable to be referred. At this stage, many owners and supply chain offerers will then give up, causing the loss of good ideas to be implemented to pioneer the industry. Therefore, communication of such prospective to lead the growth of fabulous concepts seem essential to nurture the sector’s healthiness, it helps to accelerate the speed to put realization of evolutionary architecture from our prescribed topic into an actual building. Knowing is one thing, execution is another stuff, synchronization of brain powers to reach mutual or more parties’ understanding the objective undoubtedly brings value to everyone.

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What is actually natural ventilation, it involves the system setting that allows air to ventilate through a non-active way (or known as passive) with minimum or even zero utilization of active energy powered from electricity. For instance, air will be removed from your space of internal (indoor) and air from other sources (usually from external) will be then supplied towards the designated area with the non-existence of any mechanical system pre-determined by the designer. Natural forces are utilized here, the mechanism works best described by the application of pressure differences. Air flows have been exchanged internally and externally naturally without proper efforts enforced to achieve ventilation happens at its optimal neutral. Its fresh air brought in shall also achieve a cooling effect if confined space had a high temperature while the heating effect can also be targeted in the design that can be carried by the theory of thermal buoyancy and wind as assistance. Proper designs will save a lot of costs to operate the building, from the equipment of air-conditioners, exhaust, traditional fan, humidifier, heater, air filter to many more.

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Natural sunlight is another element for designing energy-efficient buildings, it promotes the maximization of sunlight application to penetrate directly and indirectly to the building. It can be built through proper directional glass windows or reflective panels. At the same time, solar panels can be installed also on top of the roof to receive power to channel the electricity on electrical appliances, water heaters and there is also a possibility to couple with a ventilator to get dual function. The market has some range of products such as solar-powered exhaust fan, solar ventilator, solar fan or other names. These products are so incredible that they combine several features that can be useful to the building, bringing sunlight to the building to eliminate the usage of lighting during day time, storing heat en