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Sanitary Ware Supplier Malaysia | Bathroom & Kitchen Specialist

Sanitary Wares Supplier Malaysia

Sanitary ware is the daily equipment that optimize the usage and draining of water and related accessories tools that we often used on Bathroom and kitchen. In the bathroom, the usual first thing is to install is the plumbing fixture. This is to ensure the water is to flow into it and also drain out at the same time. The most commonly used is the PVC piping that are used to connect the water supply system and draining system. A better material would be using PE piping but is more commonly used on a higher profile installation such as industry and factory. After all the piping installation that only we begin to install the sanitary ware product. Sanitary ware usually supplies in ceramic, brass and stainless steel material so choosing any of it would depend on your own personal preference or project requirement. Aathaworld is able to provide you with a large variety of sanitary ware supply enquire us for a copy of the sanitary ware brochure to go through it easily.

Bathroom Contractor Malaysia

Bathroom Sanitary Ware and Accessories

Bathroom Sanitary Ware is mostly made up of ceramic and stainless steel material. This is due to the fact that modern design is widely required to be reflective and glossy. Ceramic material is easy to stay white and very good at stain resistant. It requires minimum maintenance and requires constant cleaning to upkeep it. The most common ceramic material component is the toilet bowl and sink of a toilet. The ceramic bowl and sink provide a very smooth surface and allow the stain and water easily flow out. The surface is usually white in colour and does not peel or scratch easily. Ceramic is also famous for is impact resistance force and compression strength so under normal conditions it will not break or crack easily. It a much more advanced technology implementations, the smart toilet bowl is implemented with a controller to set the seater temperature to a much more comfortable one. An internal bidet is also inserted in it to ease the cleaning without making surrounding water ponding. To ensure you have the best sanitary ware and design for your bathroom project please go to your nearest sanitary ware supplier or contact Aathaworld for more available options.

Kitchen Sanitary Wares Malaysia

Kitchen Sanitary Ware and Accessories

Kitchen is a necessity for many houses and even in offices and factory. On any project usage, a tap and basin is the most important sanitary ware in a kitchen. It is usually made up of stainless steel material or brass metal. It can also be made of PVC and other polymer material but for a better design and outlook appearance, stainless steel and brass is a better choice. Stainless steel and brass can also use to made any steel hanger and also platform to put the kitchen tools and cutlery. The stainless steel is able to resist corrosion for a long period of time and even acidic or cleaning chemical would not damage it easily. Stainless steel and brass sanitary ware also have lesser maintenance require since it does not get stain or dirt easily. Simple brushing or wiping would could clean off any surface dirt. Additionally, a water filter can also be inserted into the tap for cleaner drinking and cooking water. Kitchen sanitary ware requires a minimum of sanitary ware supply but it still very important as it is used for cooking purpose so easy cleaning and stain resistance is the top priority of sanitary ware. To further improve your kitchen appearance, you could consider a whole kitchen makeover too as Aathaworld is also able to provide kitchen design that links well with your chosen sanitary ware.

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Outdoor Sanitary Ware and Accessories

Outdoor sanitary ware is mostly used in swimming pool, water lagoon playground and also factory. In order to withstand the UV rays of the Sun stainless steel is often the first choice but a much more reliable prioritise sector such as industrial and religion usage PVC or PE sanitary ware is a better option. Although polymer material may not be as good as steel material, it is still worth installing on outdoor considering people would steal a steel and brass sanitary ware but polymer material would have no value in reselling. Polymer sanitary ware is commonly sealed with a UV protective coating to ensure its longevity and durability. Polymer sanitary ware can be very useful for water lagoon as well since it will be visited by many people and suitable for budget installation. To know more about the design of polymer sanitary ware you can consult Aathaworld for more info.

Sanitary Wares Malaysia

Sanitary Ware and Fitting Features

Sanitary ware and fitting can be installed right after the completion of the drainage, plumbing, wall, floor, wall and floor tilings including door as well as windows. Many of sanitary fittings are to be applied in the industries of biotechnology, food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceuticals in addition to residential, commercial and industrial usage. Various industries such as the mentioned above requires stringent compliance to the sector’s standard. Sanitary ware supplier Malaysia has to go through many authorities certification for the test before qualified to be supplied in certain industry. Sanitary fitting might need to withstand potentially different sizes as well as a wide range of substance that made up by multiple chemical properties, from highly acidic to alkaline-based.

There are a lot of sanitary wares and fittings brands in Malaysia in which they cater for different categories of customers and price range for building’s standard. For instance, high-end hotel will have higher budget to install premium brands and quality while low-cost housing projects by government that go for huge volume and products that have lower costing to be installed. Sanitary ware supplier in Malaysia usually distribute plenty of brands from overseas or local. These brands are Johnson Suisse, Roca, Toto, Kohler, Econax, Claytan, Asher, INNO, T.J. Pottery, OMEX, Groher and more. Many of these are big brands and well-established, founded since from few decades to a century ago.

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Where to Find Sanitary Ware Supplier in Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to supply a large variety of sanitary ware product that is suitable for many sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, offices, hotel, outdoor and many more. We also included installation service to ensure your sanitary ware is installed correctly and is used for a long time. We also provide repair, replacement, refurbishment and renovation service for your project and our coverage area includes Klang Valley, KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, JB Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca (Melaka), Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Alor Setar Kedah, as well as East Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak. We also collaborate with other country contractors to provide supply and installation service of Sanitary ware for countries such as Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei. You can submit us your sanitary ware project sourcing requirement to us and we will be able to provide you with the best pricing and best alternative sanitary ware that suits your need. So submit your sourcing requirement now at or call (whatsapp) to +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

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