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Skim coat (or skimming) is carried out in order to smoothen a surface, usually referred to wall finishes. Skim coating allows the wall ended up with cement plaster outlook, imperfect wall surface can be covered and touched up at this stage. Skim coat supplier in Malaysia generally will produce polymer modified cementitious skim coat, it consists of additives that used to enhance consistency, bonding, water retention level and most importantly, the workability of skim coat contractor Malaysia. They are usually applied on brick wall; block wall or any other concrete wall surfaces. Of course, skim coat can also be completed by skim coat contractor in Malaysia on ceiling surface and other wall types such as plasterboard, of course, it requires contractor that has more experiences to carry on.

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On the other hand, plastering is referred to a layer of decorative moulding on wall or ceiling; it is also commonly known as rendering in construction industry. However, there are some slighty difference generally by plastering contractor in Malaysia. Plastering is a term that being used for interior wall, ceiling while rendering is referred to external building application. Anyway, these two terms are interchangeable in construction industry Malaysia; they are applied to decorate the wall, ceiling so that another protective coating layer can be created on top of the substrate. Furthermore, plastering contractor Malaysia needs customer to aware that, plasterwork is not to create flat neither smooth surface, rather it is being applied for relief decoration.

Skimming creates smooth surface finishes, it involves a specialized process by skim coat contractor in Malaysia. First, skim coat specialist needs to apply a muddy plaster compound layer onto damaged or uneven wall and ceiling surface, for the sake of repairing the rough surface and subsequently turn it into a smoother finish.

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Wall that has gone through long aging process will experience portion that is damaged by water leaking, scratches, other potential external forces and internal wall quality issue. Skimmer in Malaysia will need to make sure the holes, deep scratches are being filled up before applying two layers of skim coat compounds. Then and there, surfaces will be treated with sanding before any wallpaper or paint applied on it, right after the coat dries and has become smooth.

Plastering supplier Malaysia usually supply plaster material that comprises of lime, gypsum, cement or some other components. Although manufactured finished goods will be presented in the form of dry powder, water is key to the mixture before it forms a stiffer paste that has high workability, but application must be done as soon as possible in order to prevent it from hardening. The reason why plastering contractor Malaysia will mix the compound with water is because of crystallization process that releases the heat which then makes hardening of hydrated plaster.

Skim coat applicator Malaysia is also normally the painting contractor, because in order to have painting work to be done, it must be coupled with quality skim works. The water-to-powder ratio adjustment of skim coating should be carried out carefully, to prevent the situation where compound becomes too watery and it cannot stick to trowel tool; on the other hand, insufficient water will cause the compound look like cake and solid form.

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Skimming contractor Malaysia will sand the surface, clean up the dust with damp cloth, vacuum; subsequently any opening joints shall be treated with appropriate taping material, before final step where approximately 0.3cm of plaster material to be patched on the wall and ceiling surfaces. Skim coat applicator in Malaysia also pay much attention on the hardening of skim coating material , in which it can be prevented through some add-on of water.

Right after the first layer dries, knife shall scrap off the bubbles and ridges. Rough area will be sanded before next coat layer is applied, finally the sanding of ceiling or wall and subsequently any top surface treatment such as painting and wallpapering will be done by skim coat specialist in Malaysia. According to statistics, the skim coat work shall be carried out within a small section, i.e. three square feet. Skim coat applicator Malaysia emphasizes on this is because it allows sufficient time to smoothen the plastering component right before it turn into dry hardened layer.

Plastering provides another protective coating to a wall, but it is definitely not for load-bearing usage since its strength only allows for finishing instead of structural support. Plastering specialist Malaysia can perform the wall or ceiling plastering job easily, any metal tools equipped can carry out the works.