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Aathaworld is your preferred sport flooring system supplier and contractor, cover KL Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Sport flooring is also addressed as performance surface, in which these kind of flooring are often used in gym, dance studio or sport arena. Performance surface flooring usually produced by vinyl, another name for this type of dance floor is known as marley floor. It was commercialized and thereafter a popular reversible vinyl flooring by a manufacturer at the year 1978. Sport flooring is being installed on top of sprung floor or sport flooring system supplier in Malaysia will integrate to make it into part of sprung floor.

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Sprung Floor and Floating Floor

Sprung floor is type of flooring that able to absorb shock impact and offer the feeling of soft to the users. It is essential when it is being applied for sport (indoor and outdoor), dancing studio, physical education or any other activities such as Muay Thai, Taekwondo, wrestling and many more that involved rapid movement of the foot traffic. Sprung floor contractor Malaysia will generally reinforce it by foam, rubber in order to create the spring effect to the flooring, in which any impact received by the surface and immediately rebounded back to the original condition. Dampen bounce will be specified into the sprung floor nowadays, where they are also addressed as semi-sprung. There is another flooring element called as spring floor, a flooring type that purposely created in order to emphasize on the bouncing effect where mostly observed in the exercise venues such as cheerleading and gymnastics.

According to sprung floor contractor in Malaysia, sprung floor has another name, called as floating floor. That refers to as floor that able to achieve noise insulation or when it is being applied into the computer facilities, science lab and those that requires acoustic insolation as well as rooms with wires and ducting installation space. Floor that requires no glue or nail to the subfloor and the name is about equivalent to another popular one known as laminate floor. However, the latter is more widely used synonymously to vinyl flooring (another kind of floating tile system). Floating floor contractor Malaysia able to supply this category either engineered wood, solid wood or those manmade flooring surface such as rubber, linoleum, vinyl or polyurethane.

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Regardless of which kind of flooring types, it should have a kinetic friction to make sure the speed can be maintained while getting the safety in placed; higher-traction surface that offers the capabilities to slow down while able to enhance the fast speed in slippery aspect such as gym flooring. Sport flooring contractor in Malaysia will ensure the safe floor yet optimum performance can be achieved through the flooring surface they have installed. Although there are wide range of sport, dance and cheerleading or gymnastics exercises yet the requirements are about the same when it comes to surface specification. For instance, zumba will require the same surface properties with gym activities while the general sport flooring allows both of these activities can be carried out on the same venue.

However, there are other activities that might require additional mat or protections to absorb the higher impact that might be brought onto during the sport activities, such as Judo, Rock Climbing and many other aggressive activities. Sport flooring contractor Malaysia should able to cover the general purpose dance or sport floor while also cater for some other specific requirement or the appropriate standards. A proper performance surface should be made in a way where the floor is neither too hard or soft, to make sure it would not cause repetitive motion or strain injuries or making the users too tired. Hard surface will make repeating action to transform into musculoskeletal disorders due to biological or mechanical compression, forceful exertion during the activities; while soft surface makes the user tends to utilize more energy to achieve the same desired result.

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