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Steam Boiler Contractor Malaysia | New & Maintenance

In its most basic terms, a steam boiler is a closed vessel that heats water to generate steam at a specified pressure. The steam produced is used as a source of heat energy to be applied in power generation or other industrial processes, such as pulp and paper, sugar factories, cotton mills, textile industries, breweries and steam turbines. On an industrial scale, steam boilers are usually referred to as an integrated system with both internal and external parts that work collectively to perform a single cohesive function. According to steam boiler contractor in Malaysia, steam boilers are used extensively in various parts of the world as one of the most major energy sources, the reason lies in the property of steam having a high latent heat of vaporization, that is to say, a small amount of steam can carry a massive amount of energy. Steam is also chemically safe, non-flammable, and has a fixed boiling point at constant pressure; and is thus able to safely deliver heat at a uniform controlled temperature. In contrast to many other heat delivery and distribution systems, steam is readily available and less expensive to operate employing conventional piping and valve equipment that are relatively inexpensive. Aathaworld is a steam boiler supplier and contractor, providing our customers consultancy and maintenance to attend to all your boiler system queries.

Basic operations and components of a steam boiler

While there are several types of steam boilers, their fundamental working principles are nearly identical – water is boiled to the gaseous state, producing high pressured steam that is transported through pipes. The primary pieces that constitute a steam boiler are its shell, furnace, grate, burner, refractory, mud ring, mud