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Steel Fabricator Malaysia

Aathaworld is a leading steel fabricator in Malaysia that can cater for several industrial process such as shaping, welding, cutting, punching, drilling, stamping, bending, moulding, lathe turning, machining, sliding lathe, boring, bending, double column machining, of metal raw materials into finished ready-to-use metal products. These ready steel products can either be component part of end product that pending to be assembled too, while steel fabricator Malaysia can usually supply and install these into equipment, structure or even building.

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Never be a doubtful fact that, steel has high demand among all metal categories, making it also the famous metal custom made fabrication service in Malaysia. From building material, industrial equipment, building structural to general metal accessories and item application; steel is being utilized everywhere in plant’s operational activities, substructure to other component in production line. Henceforward, steel fabrication in Malaysia is essential and the number of metal fabrication supplier in Malaysia is heavily depends on raw materials price stability to obtain optimum profit.

Besides heavy industry’s production factory, as a comprehensive steel fabricator in Malaysia, we do cover also automative, aviation, air ventilation and conditioning, its ducting system, commercial and retail appliances as well steel furnitures. Especially precision steel stamping demand getting more and more, thus, steel fabrication Malaysia does cater for this scope too. Steel pipe, steel rod, steel tank, steel bar, steel sheet are items that commonly supplied by steel fabrication supplier Malaysia; it can be other metal categories such as stainless steel, carbon steel or even aluminium.

Steel Tank Fabricator Malaysia

Additionally, steel fabrication supplier in Malaysia normally can manufacture galvanized iron sheet, hot rolled and cold rolled steel sheet, shearing, re-shearing, mild steel pickled and oiled, slitting, flat bar, electro galvanized iron sheet. Galvanized steel rod, tube, bar or sheet are popular because it can be corrosion resistant in adverse situation. It usually lasts longer than seventy years and that is why it is one of the most well accepted metal treatment globally.

Steel fabricator in Malaysia shall able to proceed steel works such as cladding, tube, pipe, fastener, machine part, enclosure and bar. Those electrical contractor does also look for steel fabrication factory in Malaysia to help them in custom make cable ducting, ladder, trunking, cable tray and channel. High quality stainless steel support for these cables normally last for decades without maintenance needed.

Steel Flanges Fabricator Malaysia

Screen plate supplier in Malaysia claims that screen plates that made up of stainless steel or even mild steel have few essential features which must be emphasized on, such as easy to install, multiple thickness, hole and pattern options, superior resistance to abrasion (and other wear and tear). For instance, its hole’s diameter ranges from millimeter to up to ten centimeter, from hexagon, circle to square little holes are possible. These advantages that can be done easily by stainless steel fabricator in Malaysia which make it popular to be used in industrial and construction sector.

In addition, steel fabrication factory Malaysia can also manufacture perforated sheet with no trouble in which it is also known as perforated screen, plate, sheet that usually being punched, stamped either mechanically or manually in order to create slot, shape and hole in different shapes. Although it can be fabricated using different materials such as aluminium, plastic, copper but yet steel such as galvanized steel, cold rolled steel and stainless steel are still more common in the market.