Wood Application & Customization

Wood Malaysia

Wood is one of the most popular materials for building exterior, interior as well as other sectors. This natural resource has numerous species and it is versatile enough to cater for many needs. Carpenters love wood and its options, because almost no single material in the market can offer such natural varieties for their woodworking furniture selections. At the same time, wood dealers are also proud of themselves being involved in this industry since what they can provide is really awesome to be presented in their warehouse and showroom. Wood can be applied in furniture, shipbuilding, boat, fuel (as energy source), stationary (papers, pencils or equivalent), wooden toys, sport equipments, artworks (such as sculpture, carving, statue), musical instrument, utensil, hand tool, fence to building construction.

Wood Decking Malaysia

Wood is also installed for the transportation line as railway, ceiling, partition, subfloor, wall, floor and counter. The reason why wood is being used as a train's trackway is because of its cost effectiveness, durability and constructability. At the same time, real hardwood and heavy duty timber were able to sustain heavy load (both static and dynamic). Many will also call railway wood as railway sleeper and its elasticity (or known as the stiffness) has become the prioritized reason why it is highly suitable to be built as track structure. This essential indicator determines whether the rail and the vehicle will be brought in damage, especially when it has a poor level of flexibility. It also makes sense for elastic spacers to be saved from utilizing under the rail, since sleepers made of timber are having good natural elasticity.

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Moreover, wood is also being sharpened as a tool in daily life or equipment for different activities of both workplace and community. For instance, wooden hangers or long sticks for people to put on their outfits indoors to keep or outdoors to dry after washing. People have also used it as a weapon since ancient times, where it can be used to hunt, cut or as self defence. Many people nowadays are still constructing their houses using wood, because of its aesthetic attractiveness, cost, easy access, option and workability. Bridges are also being built by wood, beside ladder, platform, structure, scaffolding, formwork or any other kind of supports such as roof trusses, beam, column. It is also obtained as feedstock in purified cellulose production, its derivatives (for example, cellulose acetate, cellophane) and fuel burning to generate heat for cooking or other consumption of power.

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People use wood to carry on their parties, dancing events, fire to get warmth, decoration during festivals as well as lighting as replacement or alternative since olden days. Wood is of course a good building material, from its tensile strength ratio to its weight (lightweight), sound absorption or acoustic insulation and its other mechanical properties. Strength as per measurement in transverse direction or axial aspect (compression and tension), impact bending (shock or toughness), static bending, cleavage, hardness and shear strength too. Other benefits of wood usage including carbon emission is positive in value, fire resistance performance, negative ion and far infrared rays (although there are disputes on these), healthy, wellbeing, environmental-friendly, natural, recyclable, renewable source, and performer in insulating properties.