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Modular Home (Prefab IBS)

Modular Home Malaysia

Modular home or building is one of the prefabricated (prefab) type of Industrialized Building System (IBS) where it is being built in a controlled factory before sending to site. The following are the features and advantages of modular home.

  • Do not depreciate in value, instead, it increased as same as the on-site built type of building.

  • Any design can be customized and pre-made at factory as per the traditional.

  • Can be modular office, modular factory, modular shop besides modular homes.

  • Permanent structures as well as temporary structure (portable, mobile or movable modular).

  • Modular homes or buildings are entitled for Green Building Index (GBI).

  • Can eliminate the risks of building materials become wet, broken, stolen or delay in receiving.

  • Weather is no longer a cause to construction delays in civil, structural or foundation works.

  • Design is flexible according to your needs, including interior and fixtures.

  • Reduced dramatically on project time and remove risk of delay from “no-show subcontractors”

  • Quality is ensured as works mostly by machines, and QC inspection from authority and agency.

  • Energy Efficiency shall be achieved with proper design, manufacture and checking.

  • Convenient in shipping without affecting its stability and strength.

Modular Malaysia

Modular House Malaysia

Modular homes are either manufactured in sections or in full, before transport to the construction site for installation. Prefabricated home although are assembled from sections or modules, but they are just as same as classic house where it can appreciate over time with the land.

Modular Homes Malaysia

Modular House Design Malaysia

Mobile home can also be one of the modular homes where it can be placed anywhere whenever you want, mobile home parks or private land. Mobile home normally built on wheels to make it movable, or the structure is being built by very light material so that it can be portable by cranes and trailer.

Mobile Home Malaysia

Building made by modular construction method is just like LEGO stacking, those blocks are ready in the factory’s container, many are completed with electrical wiring, power point, fitting, fixtures.

Mobile House Malaysia

Container Malaysia

Of course, it can be hybrid container home where outer or inner layer use container (depending you want to show surface of container outward or inward, or hidden like a sandwich between wall material you apply for it.

Container House Malaysia

Container Home Malaysia

Modular construction looks a bit like stacking LEGO blocks. Containers are made almost entirely in a factory, and sometimes even the wiring and fixtures come pre-fitted. That’s how builders recently assembled the world’s tallest modular building

To know more about what we can assist you in this type of prefabricated (prefab) home, mobile or modular building, drop us a RFQ email or call us for enquiry @ +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

Photo credit: Trendhunter, Pinterest, Inhabitat, relocatablehouses, westernbuildingcenter

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