Carpet Supplier Malaysia

July 20, 2017

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd, a carpet supplier and carpet installer Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. We aim to provide best carpet supply and carpet installation in Malaysia, trust us as a leading carpet supplier and carpet applicator in Malaysia.

Today we would like to share why as a carpet contractor in Malaysia, we always recommend you to use carpet flooring (carpet tile and broadloom carpet) for your commercial and residential buildings.

Loop Pile Carpet Malaysia

As a loop pile carpet supplier Malaysia, we are able to supply berber carpet, level loop pile carpet and multi level loop pile carpet.

Berber carpet is made by olefin fiber, polypropylene, wool and nylon, it can be seen commonly in school, office and those places where foot traffic are high because berber carpet is very long-lasting and high sturdiness. Berber carpet is highly resistant to pet’s claws, suitable to household who has pet.

Level loop pile and multi level loop pipe have similarities with berber carpet where they can be vunerable to the claws pulling by pets. Stains, marks, track resistance are also their advantages why hotel operator prefers to apply them.

They are easy to clean, highly suitable to places where traffic is high. Patterns and textures can be natural, random as well as height of loops make them to be known as level loop pile and multi level loop pile. Let us as valued carpet supplier Malaysia know your requirement to your building rooms.

Cut Pile Carpet Malaysia

As a cut pile carpet supplier in Malaysia, we would like to also introduce the cut pile carpet which the yarn loop is being cut to create the upright pile.

Texture cut pile has more deluxe and ceremonial feel and frequently applied in meeting room and bungalows. Saxony carpet does also provide a classic interior to lounge, occasional room and bedroom, it is heat-set straight compactly twisted type of cut pile where its yarn has more fibres twisted together.

Twist carpet, frieze carpet, cut loop carpets (or cut and loop carpet) are also very popular and durable carpets where they wide varieties in its textured surface (but they also nice in plain, solid or several coloured pattern), its curl and twisting features gain them good apparent to hide vacuum mark, dust, stains and footprints.