Steel Fibre

August 27, 2017

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd supply steel fibre for steel fibre reinforced concrete in Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, as well as other states in Malaysia. As a steel fibre supplier Malaysia, we wish to assist our customer to achieve best concrete quality for flooring as well as for wall.

Steel fibre supplier in Malaysia is not a lot but most of them are superior and able to supply wide range of quality steel fibre for your concrete flooring or other concrete admixtures.

Advantages of Steel Fibre

As a steel fibre supplier Malaysia, we wish to introduce why you should use steel fibre in your concrete, the following are steel fibre advantages.

Improve Structural Strength

As a rule of thumb, when ordinary Portland cement or other types of cement added in steel fibre, it can helps to strengthen the concrete by at least 25% to 100%. Different kind of ratios, steel fibre designs and properties will create different effects after blended into cement.

Steel fibre supplier in Malaysia able to supply steel fibre with various range, thickness and the fibre can be hook end or deform whichever required. At the same time, flexural strength can be escalated if steel fibres are added into concrete slab, it will eliminate welded wire fabric which is bulky as well as the thickness of slab can be reduced dramatically.

Regardless of light duty or heavy duty, Steel Fibres Reinforced Concrete, SFRC slab has different kind of load capacity with the adjustment of steel fibre rate.

Lower Down the Steel Requirement

Steel reinforcement will be reduced down dramatically with steel fibre, providing a lighter in weight advantage to any steel fibre reinforced concrete. Better crack control can be achieved with consultation of steel fibre supplier Malaysia, they will advise on how much the steel fibre per kg of cement to reach an optimal distribution and matrix, post-crack strength of concrete can also be computed and pre-set to increase the safety level of concrete.