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Iron and carbon makes steel, coupled with different impurity level and alloy elements that makes a diverse in steel grade. Of course, there are many other elements that can be found in wide ranges of steel’s grade according to steel supplier in Malaysia. Steel is generally divided into few categories such as carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel and stainless.

Carbon steel occupies 90% of steel production in total, and they are divided into mild steel (low carbon steel), medium and high carbon steels, they are classified based on their level of carbon contents. While alloy steel comprises of elements such as copper, titanium, manganese, nickel, silicon, aluminium and chromium. Different properties create different level of strength, conductivity, weldability, shapeability, hardness and resistant to corrosion, few good common examples for alloy steel products are transformer, piping, automotive parts, motor and generators.

Tool steels are something that contains cobalt, tungsten, vanadium and molybdenum where those quantities are adjusted by steel manufacturer in Malaysia for durability, heat resistance to make them best fit for drilling and cutting equipment.

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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel materials used in construction, building and industrial are very common and most of the products we can see as building materials are cladding, drainage and sewerage systems, roofing, fixings, handrails, structural wall infill and supports. However, there are more than 3,000 grades of steel in accordance to world’s recognition on steel.

Stainless steel resistant to corrosion better than mild steel by 200 times, they actually divided into few sub-division such as austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex and precipitation hardening (PH). The first one is not being hardened by heat and has no magnetic nature, it occupies the highest quota from stainless steel worldwide and you can see they always being applied in food production apparatus, kitchen tools and pipes. In addition to weldability, stainless steel manufacturer in Malaysia also prefer it because of its formability and liftable corrosion resistance level, enable it to use for indoor and outdoor.

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As opposed to austenitic steel, the strength of this magnetic steel, ferritic can be enhanced by cold instead of heat hardening process; this ferritic steel is able to resist well of cracks due to corrosion stress. Next stainless steel division is the martensitic steel where it has magnetic function at the same time heat-treatable, these are normally utilized as equipment and tools for dentist or surgeon such as cutter and knife. Martensitic steel is commonly used for those applications that required superior strength but not so much of corrosion resistance, low weldability and formability.