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Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or fibreglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) is comprised of glass fiber and thermosetting resin, the combination of resin with the glass fiber besides act as a binder, also make them resistant to chemical, weather and other adverse environment.

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This material is up to many properties, features, standards of other traditional materials; for instance, comparable lightweight to foam product, corrosion and chemical resistance when comes to steel related items, strength and cost efficiency in comparing to many other building materials. FRP supplier in Malaysia supply mostly to construction industry because of its longevity and low maintenance features favoured by the users.

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Advantages of FRP

The best-selling points of FRP products are of course its resistance to temperature, environment and chemicals because of those resin elements such as vinyl ester, polyester and epoxy. Without a doubt, the flexibility of FRP products shaping into different patterns also one of the reason why it becomes popular when comes to material picking in construction and industrial equipment fabrication, multifaceted designs can be customized without worry of its limitation such as other building materials in construction.

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Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) supplier Malaysia can supply seamless shaped FRP Fabricated building materials with smooth internal and external surface, especially when your construction requirement needs high level of flatness to ensure hassle-free application. FRP also widely being use as FRP pipe, FRP tank for infrastructure and industrial usage, since it helps to save logistics cost, maintenance cost and lower down the initial setup cost.

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Flexibility of FRP

As mentioned above, fibreglass-reinforced plastic FRP supplier Malaysia can custom make the shapes according to the designs of products such as chimney liners, ducting, chemical tanks, spray header, pipes including rectangular, cylindrical and many more. It also can be fabricated with other type of materials despite its nature and properties. For example, it can sandwiched with rockwool to achieve sound insulation but yet lightweight material that can be applied for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. Its thickness can also be adjusted to lower down the conductivity against thermal and electricity.</