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Contractor Malaysia | Civil & Structural | Mechanical & Electrical

December 3, 2018

Aathaworld is your preferred contractor in civil and structural as well as mechanical and electrical, we cover KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, Johor and other states of Malaysia. Every building and plant requires these categories of contractor in order to get it ready. First of all, foundation is the most important one that every building sits on it must have a solid one. Foundation is referred to reinforced concrete most of the time, it is of course including material such as steel, cement, additives and other elements; depending on the specification required. After that, the structural needs to be erected and this part involves also the similar elements, reinforced concrete, beam, column and those skeletons. Civil and structural contractor in Malaysia usually can do both foundation and structural of the building, including the roofing part, while earthwork some does and some does not. Most of the time, earthwork contractor is a specialized scope where they can easily conduct the soil test, advise how to carry out the soil work to make sure reinforced concrete foundation can be laid on a reliable earthwork underlayment. Enquire us now to get your consultation today.

Earthwork specialist normally will have consistent communication and discussion with civil contractor Malaysia in order to ensure their customer’s requirement can be met. For instance, a heavy usage plant will need a comprehensive soil test, higher specification when come to selection of concrete grade, soil grade with aggregates. If the soil is nearby the water source such as river, lake, the soil might be weaker and potentially sink over time; it requires more efforts to be allocated in order to achieve the equivalent result as per the one that located on a proper area without those factors. Structural contractor in Malaysia is equally important to work closely with other contractors from other scopes. The skeleton can be in pre-fabricated, pre-cast, modular, PPVC or conventionally, non-IBS (Industrialized Building System). There are good and bad to be precast or cast-in-situ, the logistics, time and labour costs are the three main elements. Pre-cast can be as precise as architect’s specification in the drawing and any error is minimal, if it happens to be, fabrication yard can still modify and rectify on the spot. However, civil contractor in Malaysia says that some designs are important to be pre-cast because of uncompetitive logistics cost, i.e. shape, weight, trailer size, highway road restriction.

There are also another issue arises when it comes to precast, that is the join