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May 24, 2018

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Electric Motor

Generally speaking, electric motor is basically an electrical machine that put electrical power into the conversion of mechanical force, while the opposite of this transformation is to convert mechanical force to electrical power; commonly carried out through an electric generator. Electric motor able to work in a reverse way as generator by converting mechanical power into electrical force in some application such as vehicles in the transportation industry. Electric motor contractor Malaysia claims that major electric motors will generate force by operating through an interaction between winding current and magnetic field of electric motor. The smallest motor can be found in our everyday lives is the motor built in the electric watches, while the larger electric motor will be used in pipeline compression, ship propulsion or pumped-storage applications (that might have 100megawatts or more ratings). Electric motor contractor in Malaysia usually classify electric motors by its several aspects such as application, type of electric power source, motion output type, internal construction and many more.

Basically, electric motor can be either powered by alternating current (AC) sources or through direct current (DC) sources. For instance, generators, inverters, power grid fall under AC while direct current (DC) comprises of batteries, rectifiers or motor vehicles. Electric motor contractor Malaysia can provide services range from electric motor, disk drives, power tools, machine tools, blowers, pumps to industrial fans, as well as daily product which is the household appliance. However, there is also general-purpose motor that equipped with standard features, sizes and functionality in which most of the industrial equipment or parts can utilize them.

Magnetic solenoids or item such as loudspeakers should not be classified as same as electric motor, because they do not generate mechanical power that is usable yet they convert electricity into motion force; as opposed to the electric motor that creates rotary (torque) or producing linear force. A very good example usually quoted by electric motor contractor in Malaysia is transducer, which brightness or pressure that transformed by device that able to convert into physical quantity from variation into an electrical signal.

The history of electric motor is interesting because it was actually invented through the fundamental discovery of mechanical energy production, as early as around year 1820. Until the 19th century, efficiency of electric motor only increases through non-stop research and development. Electric motor contractor Malaysia can then be getting more and more to cater for the growing demand of electrical generators and its related machineries. In order to lower down consumption of the motor’s electric energy, many companies in the world have enforce rules and regulation to promote the mass production of electric motor that has higher efficiency. At the same time, efficient electric motor will also contribute in carbon footprint reduction and be environmental-friendly to our mother earth.

A highly efficient motor can even convert ninety percent of the energy input into usable force or power for many decades, therefore, tremendous savings can happen if there are a few percent power saving (or known as efficiency boost). Electric motor contractor in Malaysia always advise to have periodic check on the electrical component of the machinery in order to ensure any broken part can be fixed or replaced, since it has a direct effect on the energy efficiency (indirectly, meaning cost saving).

An efficient motor will definitely help the overall production when it comes to factory operation, because it enhances the productivity of the machine that might be crucial to the orderbook fulfillment. There are few ways carried out by electric motor specialist Malaysia to improve the classic industrial