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Handrail Supplier Malaysia | Multiple Types of Materials

February 4, 2020


Aathaworld is your preferred handrail supplier and contractor who can cover Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Handrail is fabricated based on the design where hand can grasp on it, providing an additional support to the user of the walkway, bridges, stairways, balcony, eaves, escalators and others. It can be either mounted to the wall directly or supported by installed posts. The function of handrail is pretty simple, to prevent users from from falling down as well as offering stability to the walker. Handrail can also be installed in the bathroom where it can assist in the prevention of falling down due to slippery wet floor. Other areas where handrail will also be installed listed by handrail supplier in Malaysia are for example, the dancing studio, in the elevator, ice-skating and many more. Balustrade and guardrail are also related products to handrail in which act as a safety divider of vehicle and human traffic. These two can absorb the impacts brought by high speed vehicle when an accident happens. Baluster, is correlated with balustrade in which baluster is column that is built at a short height for rail support while balustrade is where railing row is addressed as, to serve as open parapet. It can be vertically moulded shaft, lathe-turned form and square while it is called as spindle in furniture sector. There are many materials can be manufactured into balusters such as stone, wood, ceramic and metal; however, wood and stone are both popular choices where designers go for. Another definition of balustrade that known by handrail supplier Malaysia, is a group of balusters that applied to handrail-support, or ornamental details as well as coping. There is one term that can refer to baluster system, known as the bannister, stairway’s handrail and used as structures’ supporting, like newel post supporting. Alternative terms for baluster shaft are candlestick, brass chandelier’s stem and support of upright furniture. The following will focus on the selection of materials for handrails and points to look at when users try to consider which materials to be used for their projects.

Handrail supplier in Malaysia advise users to pinpoint several facts when come to selection of handrail manufacturing material, from the upfront acquisition cost, maintenance frequency, installation conveniences, durability and level of customization. Of course, we have to also include the accessories related to the handrail that we opt for. Among all factors when choosing the right suitable handrail is the durability, this is which every building owner will first consider. Durable materials in fabricating the handrail is so essential when it is installed for outdoor application. According to handrail supplier Malaysia, the exposure of that handrail to extreme weather, from acidic rain, consistent humidity, dirt, polluted air, potential foreign damage. For handrail to hold up against those weathers that are extremely in bad-conditions, the material and especially the outer layer of it must be able to withstand multiple kinds of exposure-in-touch. Even durable material might require some sort of maintenance works, in which the frequency, parts availability, level of extensive works involved, maintenance frequency must be able to handle gently. Maintenance works include cleaning, sealing, painting of the handrail in which some handrail prone to have a high level of dirt adhesiveness.