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Synthetic Running Track Malaysia | All Types of Sport Flooring

February 11, 2020

Aathaworld is your preferred sport flooring provider who can propose, supply and install for your properties from school, mixed development, sport center to both commercial and non-commercial properties. A synthetic running track is able to withstand all range of outdoor weather with rubberized artificial surface in which field athletics or other users can run on it comfortably. Consistent surface is built to provide an unobstructable running track for athletes to perform their ability at the maximum level of potential, even if the weather conditions might be adverse. As a synthetic running track contractor in Malaysia, we are able to do a study on the current floor condition before proposing a sustainable floor finish to your projects. From the past decades, a wide range of materials are used in the field such as crushed cinders, sand, grass and multiple forms of dirt. However, according to observation, these formats of running track are still in existence at many places. There are several ways of measuring for running tracks, such as the lane, total length, radius, semi-circle length, Delta and Angle. Lane, is actually the ordinal number of the lane whereas inside will be the first lane. The next one in accordance with the synthetic running track contractor Malaysia, will be the length of lane in total which normally use meters as the unit of measurement. Curve’s radius is where 0.30m distance to the lane calculated from the inner side of the track and semi-circle length is where the track’s half circle at that radius. Delta is where the radius’s length of the track is much longer than the track inside, while lead-in requirement to be a fair race. The corresponding staggering angle is actually started from the offset, to ensure all the racers of all lanes can run with the same distance on the curve. Synthetic running track contractor in Malaysia has to ensure every aspect of the measurements needed to be in line to have a professionally built athletics sport flooring.


Actually, the length of proper running track that is suitable for competition, first lane has to be 400m (approximately one-thousand-three-hundred-twelve-and-point-three feets). However, there were tracks built using imperial distances such as 440 yards before the changes in rule in the year 1979, many of running tracks were still using the unit of measurement in yards. International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has formed up the track lane in a worldwide standard (in which most of the countries globally agreed on), this is the width set up to 1.22 meters. Above formula calculates the distance track distance surrounding in 4rd lane is 423 meters, 3rd lane is 415.33 meters, 2nd lane is 407.67 meters while lane 5 to lane 8 are 430.66m, 433.38m, 446m and 453.66m respectively.  According to synthetic running track contractor Malaysia, IAAF is a distinctly sport governing body that is recognized by global and it specifies all ranges of sport’s regulation for the Global Championship or standard, at least for international level track. There are many reasons why athletes should always put themselves able to run on the proper international running track, as well as sufficient training before the real competition game on board; as other running surfaces might have their pros and cons.