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Aathaworld Sdn Bhd specializes in ceiling board supply and install, we cover KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. As a ceiling board supplier and contractor in Malaysia, we promise to provide best quality of gypsum board ceiling supply and installation for ceiling and wall partition in Malaysia. Our mission is to be leading gypsum mould supplier, gypsum ceiling supplier, gypsum wall supplier, cater for everyone, gypsum board contractor and gypsum board installer in Malaysia.

Ceiling mould is also known as coving where this ceiling profile made by different nature of materials either as a decoration, joint between surface or directly on the major surfaces. Although it can be made by different materials, but most common one is by plaster gypsum board in accordance to ceiling mould supplier Malaysia. Other potential materials might comprise of wooden, plastic, artificial wood, stone and many more. The right ceiling moulding will have the right angle and edge to make sure the mounting can be done perfectly, the joint between wall and ceiling is also important to allocate appropriate space for the sake of accurate installation.

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Ceiling mould supplier in Malaysia will normally take a proper measurement at the site to ensure what is made will be able to fit into the original planned area. Ceiling moulding can be done in a way where insulation is strengthened, the materials that being used for these insulations are for instance, foam, pvc rockwool. Ceiling mould supplier Malaysia does also provide sandwich panel that consists of several layers made up of insulation materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) with cement as an outer protective coating. There are so many advantages for using these kinds of synthetic mouldings for the ceiling, such as health, safety, environmental and financial. Ceiling moulding supplier in Malaysia has high popularity due to the above mentioned reasons, the rationales can be explained as per the following why designers should always opt for synthetic ceiling moudings.

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There is one very obvious reason that able to make majority of the consumers to go for custom made synthetic ceiling, in accordance to ceiling moulding supplier Malaysia. Many of the ceilings nowadays have already included some healthy compounds into the ceiling component, for example, the gypsum board has acquired with features such as negative ion, far infrared ray elements. The release of these elements boost the health benefits just like the building was placed into a natural forest, this is the reason of ceiling supplier in Malaysia is selling so well since people nowadays are always looking for healthy building materials to be installed within the rooms. The origin of far infrared ray and negative ion creation are from extremely high sea level mountain, water fall, natural forest; therefore, manufacturer is claiming that the whole natural phenomena environment is brought to your home or office. This very strong selling point allows ceiling supplier Malaysia is having an extremely high demand from the construction industry, as well as architect, interior designer and owner.

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Safety & Environmentally Friendly

At the same time, synthetic ceiling also offers high standard of safety in term of supply chain from production towards to the installation and service lifespan. First, ceiling supplier in Malaysia will not have any production pollution during their manufacturing process which also meant waste discharged from the process is not harmful in the form of air, water and solid substance. Compared to many other building materials production flow which might create damage to the environment including pollutant to the river, toxic element to the air and harmful solid wastage to the rubbish landfill. Ceiling supplier Malaysia also claim that it consumes very low level of electricity energy, meaning the embodied energy of this building material is relatively lower. The harvest of the raw materials to make this building material is also a friendly